Thursday, January 17, 2013

Worst Things Ever 2013

I recently came upon this post from one of my favorite blogs.  I thought it might be a good idea to completely steal his idea of posting a list of the worst things ever.  (I am doing so shamelessly)

Also, I called it the "Worst Things Ever 2013" in case I need to post more worst things ever in other years.  Do I recognize the irony of calling it "worst things ever", which implies that there can't possibly be anything worse, and then attaching a year, which implies its only the worst things of this year?  Yes, I recognize that irony, I revel in it.


1. When people say "literally" when they mean "figuratively"
2.  When your zipper is stuck
3.  Sand in your swimsuit
4.  It's cold enough in the morning that you need a heater, but hot enough in the afternoon you need the air conditioning
5.  Your cell phone battery runs out
6.  Standing in line to go to the bathroom
7.  Sweat on my forehead
8.  The blue screen of death
9. This

10.  Bacon Soda (Especially bad because it taints the name of bacon)
11.  When people say "irregardless"
12.  When the milk smells funny
13.  Socks (I think the worst part of wearing shoes may be putting on socks first)
14.  When there aren't enough free samples at Costco
15.  When Darth Vader says, "How is that possible?" (about Luke Skywalker being his son) and you think the Emperor is going to explain the birds and the bees to him.
16.  When your clothes blow off
17. This

18.  When Greedo shoots first
19.  Error 404: Page not found
20.  "Thank you Mario!  But our Princess is in another castle!"

Is there anything I missed?  Feel free to share your worst things in the comments.


  1. I have 3 worst things to add if you like.
    Stubbing your pinky toe.
    Pouring a bowl of cereal before realizing that you are out of milk.
    Pouring a bowl of cereal with milk before realizing that it is Fast Sunday.

    1. Those are definitely pretty bad. I hate stubbing my toes, and any time you are thwarted in an attempt to eat food is just the worst.

  2. Realizing you went to the trouble of getting out the pacifier (or other life-saving object) and then leaving it on counter when you go somewhere...

    Never being able to go to the bathroom in peace once you have kids, lol

    Reading the first four books in a series to refresh before the new one, and then not being able to read the 5th one cause you are 50th on the waiting list at the library and no one has a hard copy to borrow (darn kindles...)

    Cleaning (sweeping AND mopping) all the tile/wood of my upper floor and stairs

    Cleaning (sweeping AND mopping) all the tile/wood of my upper floor and stairs and then immediately having a toddler spill on it or people track in snow... What's the point?!

    1. Ya, it's the worst when you know exactly where that thing you need is, at home on your counter. You had the forethought to get it out and put it on the counter, but not sufficient forethought to actually bring it.

  3. Oooh!

    Not knowing what that spare key actually fits

    1. I have like a dozen extra keys that I can't bring myself to get rid of because they might match something important. But, I have no idea what they go to.

  4. In response to #11.

    1. I'm ashamed of the English language for accepting that as a word.

  5. Oh and warm toilet seats. That is the worst.

  6. How about pouring that bowl of cereal and realizing halfway through that the milk is bad. Props to my husband!

    1. Or taking a big old swig of milk before realizing it is bad.

    2. dude. he ATE half the cereal before he knew. LOL!

  7. The radio from Hell show, 96.3, has things that must go every.. I don't know but once a week and it's along these same lines. Some of my personal favorites from months past.

    Fart laugher's, you in a public place and someone farts and someone else starts to laugh. The farter is now super embarrassed and all anyone else wants to do is join in and laugh too.

    Those pictures on the back of the car depicting your family, all be it I have seen a zombie one that made me smile but all the rest just seem lame.

    Sick days, currently having one. You are told to stay home to eat and sleep but all you can do is lie there waiting for something, nothing in particular just anything to happen cuz you feel like crap every time you eat and you can't sleep, what a waste.

  8. Or when you have a day off work and you get sick and can't do anything.

  9. Variation on the cereal -- you get the milk poured and realize you grabbed the water jug!

    1. More food mistakes, you go to make a PB&J and u get the 1st slice of bread with peanut but then there's not jam, sad sad day.


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