Monday, April 27, 2015

Tim Cook Hates Me

The day was April 10th.  It was a long awaited day in the tech universe.  Rumors had been flying for over a year that Apple had been working on a new gadget.  Those rumors had been confirmed for over half of that year.  The day had finally come that the mythical device would actually be on sale.

Robyn was out of town visiting family, but she had told me which of the Apple Watch models she wanted me to order for her.

For past devices, I have tried different strategies for making the purchase on opening day.  Only once have I actually stayed up until midnight to be the first to purchase a device.  It was for the iPhone 5, and it was a nightmare.  The website didn't work.  I couldn't get on to order it.  It took me around 3 hours to finally get in and make my order.  By the time I had done that, the device was already back ordered and the whole exercise of staying up late was pointless.

I did not want to do that again.

So I got up at 6:30 AM, and ordered 2 watches.  I ordered the white one for Robyn, and a black one for myself.  It said they would both ship in June.

Sadness filled my soul.

Fast forward to this past week.  April 24th (last Friday) was the official opening day of the Apple Watch.  I figured the day would come and go with no changes for me, because mine was back ordered until June.

But then I noticed that they charged my credit card.  However, they only charged it for the price of one watch.  I logged on to my account online.  Both watches still said they would ship in June.  However, Robyn's white watch said it was "preparing for shipment."  What does that even mean?

Were they planning to prepare shipment for a whole month? It made no sense.

They sent me an email saying that they were shipping it and it would arrive Monday.

However, Friday morning came and I got another email saying that Robyn's watch was out for delivery!  Miracle of miracles, it was coming opening day!

I filled out the form that allows them to drop off the watch without a signature, and told them to deliver it to the back door.  I didn't tell Robyn it was coming, until I got home.  I just told her she should look out the back door.  I filmed her reaction for your enjoyment.

From June to April 27th, to April 24th.  It seems that Apple likes to deliver disappointment followed by pure excitement by giving it to us when they promised everyone they could get it.

She opened it up, put it on and booted it up for the first time.

Isn't it pretty?

Since then she has demoed lots of neat features like activity tracking, remote control of her music and camera and many other features.  She has let me play with it, but it's just not the same when it's not my own little toy.

Apparently black is the most popular color for the watch and it's still very much back ordered.  This is what Apple says now about the delivery time.
There's really only one possible explanation for Robyn's watch being here already, and mine still waiting until the end of May or the beginning of June.

Tim Cook hates me.

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