Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My BFF is Married

This past weekend was a pretty big deal.

Jared William got married!

I know, you didn't think it was going to happen, but it totally did.  The festivities started with the reception on Friday night.  You may be thinking that having the reception before the wedding was a secret ploy to get gifts without having to go through with the marriage.  But don't worry, they did in fact get married the next day.

The great thing about having a good friend get married is that I've never been to a wedding where I ran into more people I knew than I did with this one.  (I only got pictures of a few of them.  I'm a bad kid.) The first person I ran into was my friend Kayli.  The bride and groom were busy talking to people that weren't me.  (Who does that?)  But Kayli and I made sure to get a selfie with them.  Kayli even pointed out where Jared was so that any viewers of the selfie wouldn't be confused.

Isn't that some helpful pointing?
We did eventually get to hang with Jared and Breanna.  They even consented to a picture with Robyn and I which must have been difficult considering how many pictures they had to endure over a few days.
Do you see all the preciousness?
We also ran into our good friend Jackie.  Her husband wasn't able to attend, but we were glad to add to our selfie collection.
Jared showed me the most important wedding gift he received.  He got a totally legit Katana.  It's basically the second coolest weapon behind a lightsabre.
I had to get a picture holding it.

And I got a picture with the sword and the groom.  But we were looking at the photographer, since the pictures she takes are way more expensive than the ones with my phone.
Near the end, we helped clean up and we were awarded with roses from the tables.  So I took credit for it and told Robyn I got her flowers.
The next day was the day of the actual wedding.  It was in the Salt Lake Temple, and it was beautiful.  After the sealing, we all waited outside for the happy couple to emerge.  Jared dipped his new bride and everyone cheered.

The back of that kid's head will forever be an important part of the memory.
Between the wedding and the luncheon, we had about an hour so we decided to walk over to the Church History Museum.  I made Robyn pose next to a picture of the Nauvoo Temple, because that's what I do.
When we got to the luncheon, I got to give the best man speech.  I've never spoken at a wedding before, except for my own.  Jared told me I was the keynote speeker, so I took a good ten minutes and shared some stories about the happy couple.  I did my best to share both funny stories, and stories that illustrated who they are as a couple.

After it was all over, we decided to get a picture of all the friends that were in attendance.

Getting the friends picture meant that I handed my phone to someone else, which meant Dave got a hold of it and this happened.

It was a great day.  I was so happy to celebrate it with them.  I'm so happy to have Breanna as a second BFF.  Now they just need to get back from their honeymoon so we can all have some good times as married folk.

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