Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Analyze This

I had a very strange dream.  That's not unusual.  I'm pretty sure all of my dreams are pretty strange.  What is unusual is that I remembered the contents of the dream.  So, I now present to you the contents of my dream in hopes that the people of the internet will present me amusing speculation on the meaning of my dream.

(Now entering the dream world, imagine the screen goes all fuzzy or maybe we switch to black and white, or whatever cinematography means "dream" to you)

Robyn and I were driving on the freeway.  But we were in separate cars.  I don't know where we were going or where we were coming from.  But we were on the freeway and it was raining harder than I have ever seen.  It was raining so hard that we decided to pull off the freeway.  (I don't remember talking to Robyn on a cell phone, but somehow we mutually made the decision, that's how unified we are.)

As we pulled off the freeway the exit was super steep.  There was lots of mud on the road and cars were having trouble getting traction.  A few had run off the road and Robyn was one of them.  Instead of attempting the exit, I just pulled off the shoulder of the freeway and went and checked on Robyn.  She was fine, so the two of us decided to walk.

We walked to my Grandma and Grandpa Stockett's house.  Like I said earlier, I'm not sure where we were headed, but apparently, Grandma's house was on the way.  (In the real world, Grandma's house is not on the way to anything.)  When we got to Grandma's house, we were given a room to stay in, but we also discovered that Reese Witherspoon was staying the night there as well.

I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't deny Reese a place to stay if she was in need.  I'm just not sure why she was there.  At any rate, there we were at Grandma's with Reese Witherspoon.(Withoutaspoon really)  Also, Reese was very pregnant.  I don't know if she has kids in real life or if she's ever been pregnant but in dream world she was extremely pregnant.

Robyn decided she needed to share a room with Reese.  She said that since Reese was pregnat that she was going to need someone to take care of her.  I tried to explain that she could come get us if she needed anything but Robyn would have none of it.  So I went back to my room all alone.  I was really cranky at Robyn that she liked pregnant Reese Witherspoon more than me.

Then the alarm went off and I woke up.  (end dream sequence) (begin contemplative sequence) So what does it all mean?  Why was there a pregnant Reese Witherspoon at Grandma's house?  Robyn speculates that the dream reveals that I'm afraid of her being pregnant.  I don't think that works, wouldn't she have been pregnant in the dream?  I think it could just as easily mean a fear of rainstorms, Grandma's house, or Reese Witherspoon.  (Okay, not Grandma's house.  That would be ridiculous, how could anyone fear Grandma's house?)

What do the people think?


  1. sorry jeff, not going to go there. i have no analysis for your dream at all. i do, however, agree with you that robyn's interpretation is not correct (sorry robyn). though i am jealous that you got to hang out with reese. that is also a dream of mine (just a different kind of dream)

  2. Umm, I think I too will refrain from analysis, but I will answer your question. Reese Witherspoon has 2 kids I believe. Yes, she has indeed been pregnant. I also heard that the little girl she is holding at the end of Sweet Home Alabama is actually her real daughter.

  3. You're correct that she was indeed Withoutaspoon, but I think Witherspoon still would have been applicable. Maybe that's the interpretation of the dream, Reese was wondering wither her spoon went and she thought it was at your grandma's house. *Gasp!* Your grandmother is a thief! Case closed...

  4. LOVE the Reese pictures.

    I always have the strangest dreams too. It's just too bad Joseph can't interpret for us.

    Oh, and I've been pregnant in some of my past dreams...and it was awesome! Haha

  5. I TOTALLY agree with Robin's interpretation of the pregnancy piece. In fact, I believe that from the beginning of the dream (from the two separate drivers in two separate cars)is a little message about two marrieds with the same life goals but both feeling like his/her plan, timing, etc, is the right one. After going through some trials (rain and off-roading), together you decide that yes, it really is the right time to have a baby. You head to your Grandma's house for some advice, but you still have worries about what pregnancy will do to your relationship. Thus, when you arrive, your projected worries turn into a pregnant Reese and your unconscious decides that yes, your worse fears are true, Robin will pay more attention to baby (projected Pregnant Reese) than Jeff.

  6. I also cannot help. My dreams are so wack that I refuse to believe they have anything to do with reality. Of course there are times that I'll be thinking of something right before I go to bed and then it appears in my dream that night. I know that is because it was on my mind, but for the most part I just let the bizarre dreams I have fade out of my mind without analysis.

  7. Thank you Sundy. That was the ACCTUAL interpretation (though yours has more detail). I said that Jeff would be afraid I would pay more attention to being pregnant and the baby then Jeff. I would just like to say that I was slightly miss quoted.

  8. Rain = you had to go to the bathroom.
    Grandma = someplace you feel safe, someone who has things figured out.
    The rest of it = what Sundy said

  9. I think it just means that grandma wants more great grandkids so she decided to hire Reese to give her some! (j/k) Seriously, dreams are a way to bring to our conscious mind things that are rattling around in our subconscious. So whether it is having kids, getting attention, going to grandmas, or staying out of the rain- you get to decide. Love ya!

  10. I would say that you are going to have to follow Nephi. After Lehi had the a dream. Nephi wanted to know so he asked and saw the dream. Then he asked to know what it meant, and he received. Good luck, let me know what you find out.

  11. I am of the opinion that what we dream is NOT always connected to what is on our mind. If I thought otherwise, I'd have to be really worried about the "creative" dreams I have had in my life. As for babies and more grandchildren, I'm all for it when the time is right.

  12. From Your Grandma:
    I got a good laugh out of your dream. I especially thought it was funny because Reese Witherspoon was at our house that weekend.....I watched Sweet Home Alabama.
    I guess we must be connected.

  13. I have a few theories of my own. I read a website that said if a pregnant woman appears in your dream it means you are about to recieve an "embarrassing amount of wealth." I like that theory. I wouldn't mind being embarrassed over too much wealth.

    My other theory is that someone was trying to do inception on me. I don't know what the idea was they were trying to plant, but I did have a desire to see the movie Inception so maybe they planted that desire in the dream.

  14. I like the embarrassing amount of wealth idea. I am thinking since a rich pregnant women was in the dream that it means you will receive double the amount of embarrassing wealth. Thus you can impart some to me.

  15. Jeff, Nick too was afraid that I would forget about him when the baby came. But it turns out that he likes Alia so much, he forgets about me sometimes. You'll be the best dad, Jeff, don't fight it anymore!


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