Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Europe Trip Part 2: Switzerland

After our stay in Paris we headed over to Switzerland.  Robyn and I both agreed that Switzerland was our favorite part of the trip.  We saw some amazing things in Paris but its fast paced nature was exhausting compared to the relaxing nature of Switzerland.

The first thing we did in Switzerland was that we went to the Bern Switzerland temple and did a session.
The temple was beautiful and the session was amazing.  The session we went to was in italian, because they had alot of italian visitors that day.  But they had headsets so that you could participate in any language.  The local language there is French though, so my veil worker was speaking French, while I was speaking english.  It was just amazing to me that the endowment ordinance was in 3 languages that day.  But it didn't matter to the Lord, all languages are the same to Him.  It really opened my eyes and it was an incredible experience.

After the temple we drove to where we would be staying.  Our hotel was in a little swiss town nestled in the alps called Lauterbrunnen.  As we drove into the town I was in awe.  This is what the town looks like:
That waterfall was maybe a mile from our hotel.  Naturally, Sheldon and I hiked up to it.  That was one of those WWJWD (what would Jared William do) moments.  When we got to our hotel I was again amazed, this was the view out the window while laying in bed:
We took several walks around the town, bought some important things such as a genuine swiss army knife for me and some alpaca wool socks for Robyn but the biggest thing we did was the train ride to Kleine Scheidegg.  We could never remember the name of it so I called it kleine Sheldon.  I also told Sheldon I would be referring to his first born son as Kleine Sheldon (little sheldon).

Kleine Scheidegg is a town high up in the alps.  It's not the top of the mountain but it's the highest point that has a town.  It's the point where people who are hardcore begin their ascent to the summit.  This is where we ignored the WWJWD guidelines because we did not hike up to the top.  But just from that little town there were some amazing views.  We were able to see the glaciers that were way above the waterfall we saw in town.  It was neat to see the water coming off of them that gathered below and formed the waterfall.  (you can kind of see some of the water flowing down, it's not real clear in the picture)

While were up there, we wandered around the town into gift shops and saw what there was to see.  There were random goats walking around everywhere.  We saw one eating a shirt at an outdoor gift shop.  Robyn told me I wasn't allowed to touch the goats.  I said I would not touch a goat if she took my picture with one.  This picture is evidence that I did not touch a goat.
We decided to stop in at a restaurant up there.  I had some spaghetti with a side of pork schnitzel.  It was so amazing.  Then afterward, we ordered some hot chocolate because A)it was kind of cold up there, especially since I was wet from the waterfall hike that morning and B)Swiss chocolate is so amazing.
We decided this shot that Robyn took could be in an ad.  The chocolate did not disappoint.  We bought a lot of chocolate in Switzerland and Germany.  German chocolate is amazing, but the swiss really know what's up, their chocolate is to die for.


  1. I'm glad that at least once you followed the WWJWD guidelines. I do realize, however, that sometimes my decisions aren't always best for your health.For example: http://vaderjs.blogspot.com/2008/08/jareds-neck-breaking-adventure.html

    But I do want to go to Switzerland sometime, even if I don't climb to the summit.

  2. It was truly a beautiful place and we will have to go and spend some more time there next time. I just loved the calm quiet and fresh air that surrounded the town. Thanks

  3. Oh my GOSH. Gorgeous!!! I knew I'd want to go to Switzerland. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your un-blogged adventures tomorrow!

  4. So glad you had fun! I can't wait to talk to you both about it and hear the details. And, I'm sure Robyn has more pictures to share. :)

  5. Oh Lauterbrunnen was our favorite place, too. You just have to be there to know how beautiful it is. Glad you got to experience it. Can't wait for the whole story...and my chocolate?

  6. I am so glad you had a good time! These pictures are awesome. I especially like the hot chocolate add...

    Randomly, a goat has shown up in the pasture with the horses... so if you are feeling like you missed out by not petting the goat, I have one you can pet... and randomly... she needs to be milked if you're up to it. :)

  7. My mom, dad and sister totally stayed in Lauterbrunnen a few years ago when my sister was in high school. They said that they were in a hotel right next to the church and the church's bell rang every hour through the night.

  8. I'm so happy you loved Switzerland the best! It's my heritage!

  9. Beautiful country. I think I should go see it soon!


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