Friday, April 10, 2009

Sixth Moniversary

Tomorrow is an important day in history. It is our Sixth Moniversary. If you are a new reader to my blog and don't know what a moniversary is, it was defined in my First Moniversary post.

The past month has had many important events, such as pi day, some excellent negotiating and Robyn's alter ego making an appearance. Other events are as follows:

Robyn stole my toothbrush
One night I came into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Since we now have the Sonicare toothbrushes, our toothbrushes look exactly the same except that we have labeled them. Well, she was using mine. I picked up hers and said, "If you liked mine better you could have chosen it from the beginning."

See's Candy
So Robyn's parents had given us a certificate for a half pound of See's Chocolates. Robyn went and picked them up. However, when she got them we opened it up and she told me which ones I was allowed to have by saying such things as: "You can have that one, it's not very good." Thanks, I clearly didn't want anything good.

The Exploding Oven
A few months back the broiler element in our oven died. We bought a new one and put it in. This time the bake element died. I unplugged the overn and I pulled it out and examined it so that I could make sure I was buying the right one. After doing that I plugged the oven back in (because the stove still works) and I decided to store the element in the bottom of the oven. The problem with that was that when I closed the oven it pushed the element against the wires that were formerly attached to the aforementioned element. This cause some sort of a short circuit that generated a great flash of light. Unbeknownst to me it caused the rest of the house to lose light for a few seconds. Robyn came running in to the kitchen to see what happened. We discussed it and decided to just get a new oven.

St. Patrick's Day
I thought she had forgotten that it was St. Patricks Day. But she made some delicious green potatoes.

Won Won
We have these friends, Natalie and Ron. I've been friends with Natalie for several years and I've been friends with Ron since he started dating Natalie. (They've been married a little over a year.) We had planned to hang out with Natalie and Ron on a weekend. Robyn and I were talking about something and she said something about Won Won. I told her that we were going to get to see Won Won (that's my nickname for Ron, I got it from Harry Potter) Robyn started getting super excited about that. I was excited to see Ron, but I was a little jealous about how excited Robyn was getting. After discussing it a little more I discovered she thought I was referring to the next Harry Potter movie coming out where we'll get to see Won Won. I felt much better about that.


  1. It has been an interesting half of a year hasen't it? Thanks for all the laughs, hugs and mushy moments. I look forward to many more. Oh by the way, can we REALLY start looking for a new oven, I love the work out I get on the stairs, but I feel that the quality of food has gone down.

  2. I put all my thought into my 2nd Hawaii comment, and now I have nothing left! I love the moniversary posts though--keep them coming! And congratulations on your 6th moniversary!!

  3. Ha ha ha! I love reading the moniversary series!

  4. Yay for 6 months! Isn't it crazy how time flies! I think it's really cute you got jealous of Won Won. Keep up the good marriage! Lol!

  5. I'm glad that the adventures continue. I hope you keep having fun with Robyn. I also hope the crazy stories continue.

  6. Congrats on 6 months!!! And I can just picture Robyn getting excited about Won Won... :)

  7. Jeff, no need to worry about Ron (the one from the movie). I'm pretty sure you can take him. Just don't let him bring Harry into it. This is just between you and him...and Robyn, but you're defending her, so it's still just 1 on 1.

    Come to think of it, you may be a bit out of practice. I think you need to get the list of spells back up on your whiteboard at work again.

  8. Oh, and this can help you get started:

    Spells in Harry Potter

    I can't believe there is a Wikipedia article for this...well, actually yes I can believe it...

  9. I love the Sees story. My family are big Sees fans. We always cut them in half so we can share the good ones.

    Congrats on 6 months! You guys are great!

  10. Great stories, Jeff. Robyn has been stealing "the good ones" for a long time out of the See's Candy box, so don't worry. It's not just you.

  11. I'm glad you survived the toothbrush incident, as well as the exploding oven. I am especially glad the jealousy is gone. oh, by the way, did you see the new Harry Potter trailer? It came out this week, and looks pretty intense.
    Love you guys, you are amazing.


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