Monday, September 28, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

A while back, Melissa wrote a post about her OCD's. I really enjoyed it and decided it was essential to share some of mine. Technically, most of these are not actually OCD but wierd quirks or preferences. Also, a couple of them are ones that I have that Melissa's post reminded me that I have. So, feel free to compare and contrast mine versus hers.

Optimal Sleeping Conditions: For most of my life I've been an insomniac. This is only because I had not yet discovered the proper way to sleep. I get to sleep pretty quick if the conditions are ideal, but can't sleep at all if they are not.
1. I cannot be touched. Robyn and I like to cuddle until sleep time and then strict rules of staying on our own side of the bed are enforced.
2. I need a blanket to snuggle with. This is very important. Another important part of this requirement is that the environment needs to be cold enough that having a blanket wrapped around me is comfortable.
3. My legs cannot touch each other under any circumstances. If possible, I will keep my blanket between my legs, but if it's too hot, I will put a pillow between the legs.
4. My arm gets its own pillow. This is also important. I usually hug the pillow with one arm but sometimes my arm just rests on the pillow. Either way my arm needs a soft cushioney place to lie down.
5. My back must be scratched before I lay down. I have a back scratcher that is right next to the bed for this purpose.

DVDs must be put away I'm not a neat freak or anything in most areas, but I get really cranky if people leave DVDs out of the case. I have this incredible fear of them getting scratched or lost.

Number divisibility This one started from countless hours of sitting in Sacrament meeting as a child. I would stare at the numbers for the hymns and start doing random computations on them. The most common computation is figuring out what numbers they are divisible by. For some reason being divisible by 9 become very pleasing to me. So, I will first figure out what needs to be added to the number to make it divisible by 9. But, I also really like palindromes, so then I figure out what needs to be added to make it a palindrome that is divisible by 9. After doing this in sacrament meeting so many times, my brain just automatically starts running the calculations. It's to the point now where every morning when I get in the shower I notice that the UPC on the shampoo would be divisible by 9 if they would just add 1. It kind of gets frustrating sometimes.

Puzzles must be solved When I come upon a puzzle that intrigues me, I will not rest until it has been solved. Just this past week I read Natalie's blog about her freecell addiction and it occurred to me that I should figure out how to hack the scores on freecell. I'm not sure why this was important, but I had to stop the work I was doing and figure it out. Not that I'll ever use this again, but I solved it and took a picture of my new high score.


  1. I love you and all of your OCD's. I may not understand them, but then again when does anyone really understand another person's OCD's.

  2. The hymn number calculating is so you. Haha! I'll have to record my OCDs sometime too!

  3. wow....that is impressive. I would say your "optimal sleep conditions" are a little more strict than mine. I just need darkness and silence. But I like the back scratching idea, maybe I should adopt it.

  4. I love that you calculate the hymns in church. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with crazy quirks. :)

  5. Wow! You have linked me to your blog! I feel so special :)

    Just in case you want to know, I am legitimately back up to 100 wins and 0 losses.

    And sorry that my OCD triggered one of yours so that you were distracted from work! lol

  6. I am so going to use all of this knowledge against you! ;) You're so weird. :)

    By the way, it's funny you mention "achieving" such an unbeatable score in FreeCell. There is actually a card deal in FreeCell that is impossible to solve. If you want to try to work it out, it is game number 11982. (I love how this will probably make quite a few people waste like 4 hours today because of their FreeCell and puzzle solving OCD's!)

    Oh and in response to glarcy...I think "adopting" someone's else OCD is the funniest thing I've ever heard! :)

  7. the jeff that we all know and love.

  8. i totally did the hymn number thing too! but i was more like "2+ the 7 =9 - the 4 = 5+ the 2 = 7 * the 7 = 49 - the 2....." for the entire hour :) i would do it with the numbers on my digital alarm clock too in my waking moments.

  9. I count when I run. Other than that...I think you're more weird than I am.

  10. I remember dad playing math games with you during sacrament meeting. It did keep you quiet!! But the hacking into free cell so you can get the highest score...hmmm!!!

  11. That was really funny. I should read your blog more often. I'm glad someone else's arm gets it's own pillow, too.

  12. ummm....I think we're related.
    Our simmilarities in OCDs is almost scary!

  13. I laughed sooo hard when I read this post!!!!


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