Sunday, October 17, 2010

Truly Awesome: Bacon

Bacon, is there anything it can't do?

Yesterday Robyn was getting ready to go shopping.  She asked if there was anything she needed to buy that wasn't on her list.

Me: "Bacon"

Robyn: "We have bacon in the fridge."

Me: "We probably need more bacon."

Robyn: "We have more bacon in the freezer."

Me: "We probably need even more bacon."

Robyn: "We can't just spend all our money on bacon."

Me: "There are things in this world more important than money. Bacon is one of those things."

Naturally, Robyn just rolled her eyes.  But I was overwhelmed by my own wisdom and naturally went straight to twitter and facebook to share what I had just said.

In light of this new found wisdom, I have decided to write my second poem ever.  This time I wrote about bacon.

Ode To Bacon

Bacon, Dear Bacon
On a BLT I've found you are fun
Whether it be on a slice of bread or a bun.
I put bits of you in salad to make it great
Or I put you next to the eggs on my plate

Bacon, Dear Bacon
When you wrap around beef, it brings me joy.
Your salty taste makes me a happy boy.
You are delicious with any meal it is true.
If I had to live without you I'd be blue.

Dear, Dear Bacon.
How do you feel about bacon?  I feel it's so amazing I might even try Coke that was flavored like bacon.  (And I don't like Coke)
Okay, I might be willing to admit that that sounds disgusting.  But don't hold that against bacon.


  1. BACON FLAVORED COKE??? How do people come up with this?!

    Have you ever heard of chocolate covered bacon? I saw someone make it on the Food Network a few weeks ago, and it actually sounded kinda good!

    I've never been the biggest fan of bacon (or ham, or Canadian bacon, or pork chops...) but if the bacon is cooked to crisp perfection, it can be great. You should be happy I don't ever buy it though--that's more for Robyn to buy for you!

  2. I would agree that Bacon is great. I would even say that Pig in general is great. (However why put something great like bacon with something as nasty as COKE!!!)

  3. Your comments make me want to pull out my Jim Gaffigan DVD and watch his bit about bacon...

  4. I'm just glad that you are here to inform me of everything that is truly awesome. Remember the roast that was wrapped in bacon? That kinda changed my life.

  5. the best meal i ever had was pork chops wrapped in bacon, or the bacon burger dog, wrapped in hamburger, wrapped in bacon...amazing.

  6. You know, bacon is all the rage for desserts, at least up here in Portland. I've had a bacon maple bar from here:

    and dark chocolate with bacon.

    Both were actually quite lovely.

  7. Oh, and when you're in a festive mood, try the South African method of wrapping a 2 inch piece of banana wrapped in bacon (toothpick required) and grilling it. Mouthwatering, I tell you.

  8. Diet Coke and bacon??
    At the beginning of this year, I was trapped in a house in DC with like 60 inches of snow outside and all we had to eat was bacon, cheese, and was fantastic.

  9. I feel a dutch oven recipe coming on. Marinade a roast in your bacon flavored coke. Drain the coke and layer the roast with bacon, onions, and mushrooms. Add some squash on the side. Let cook for 3 hours.

  10. I'm glad you have so many supporters.

  11. Bacon is the best! The only downside to it is when you make it your clothes smell like bacon after. I can't stand that.

  12. Heather, I fail to see how that's a downside. Your clothes smell like BACON! Is there anything more awesome?

  13. hmmmm....thoughts for Sunday dinner! I will have to think about this one.


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