Monday, October 11, 2010

Second Anniversary

Robyn planned our anniversary this year.  It was alot of fun.  She did an excellent job of giving us a weekend away.  Our get-away consisted of the following things.

Armstrong Mansion
We stayed in the Armstrong Mansion which was a really neat mansion that was built in 1893.  Francis Armstrong built it as a gift to his wife, Isabel.  It has since been made up into an inn much like the Anniversary Inn.  It was a really neat place and the breakfast was excellent as well.

Scary Pigeon
The temperature was a little warm in our room. I suggested we open the window to solve some of the problem with the hot temperature.  Robyn agreed that would be a good idea until she saw the pigeon.  It had built a nest right outside the window.  She was concerned that it would come inside and kill us in our sleep if we opened the window.  (That may not have been her exact concern, but it was something about it getting inside.)  After Robyn was asleep I decided I couldn't bear it anymore and opened the window.  What she didn't know didn't hurt her.  (Well, except for the part where the pigeon got really loud around 6 AM and woke us both up.  That part might have hurt her a little.)

Roller Coaster Bed
The bed in the Armstrong Mansion was soft and comfortable but it had one flaw.  You know those commercials where they show the mattress and it has a glass of wine on the bed and they drop a bowling ball on the other side of the bed to show how the glass doesn't even move?  Most beds are designed to absorb the motion, this bed somehow amplified it.  If you dropped a bowling ball on this bed it probably would have made the wine glass explode.  I felt bad for Robyn because I kept tossing and turning and by the time my tossing and turning motions were amplified on her end it probably felt like she was riding a bull.  But she held on, she didn't get bucked off once.

Salt Lake Temple
Neither of us had ever been inside the Salt Lake Temple.  We decided it would be fun to go do a session.  I was astounded at how ornate that temple is.  All temples are beautiful but the Salt Lake temple is definitely special.  Afterward we ate at the garden restaurant.  Our table overlooked the temple and we had a beautiful view.

Singles Ward - Marriage Talk
We visited Jared William's and Megan and Graham's ward up in Salt Lake.  They are in a singles ward.  When we sat down I turned to Jared and said, "I'm so excited to hear a talk about marriage."  I was half joking, I knew they talked about marriage alot but not every week. Sure enough, Sacrament meeting was all about marriage.  I'm so glad I'm not in a singles ward anymore.

Singles Ward - Robyn without a ring
Robyn left her ring in the hotel room after we checked out and didn't realize it until we were at church.  She had set it down to put lotion on her hands.  We called the hotel and they found it for us so it was no problem.  But that didn't stop me from teasing Robyn about not wearing a wedding ring to the singles ward so that she could hit on single guys.

In addition to those little anecdotes, the best thing about this weekend was getting away from our normal lives and getting a chance to reconnect with each other.  We've had an amazing two years and I look forward to many, many more.


  1. Am I really the first commenter??

    I've always had a special thing for the Salt Lake temple. It was always the temple I wanted to be married in, but I decided I'll be happy to get married in any temple.

    That mansion sounds awesome! I want to see pics! Happy Anniversary!

  2. It really was a fun weekend. The best part was that it was with you (I know mushy, but oh so true). Here is to many more fun years to come.

  3. I guess we can now look forward to seeing Robyn in the next rodeo. I hope that she had one hand in the air. I am glad you had so much fun.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I'm glad you both had a great weekend away.

  5. I looked forward to many more years of you being together also. Love you both and I am so happy that you had a good time!

  6. You are welcome in my singles ward anytime. I'm glad that you two are so happily married.

  7. We LOVE teh Armstrong. Stayed there on our honeymoon.

  8. I love your stories. We went to the Salt Lake Temple several weeks ago too. Great experience. It really is special. Happy second anniversary to you two!


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