Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Cave of Wonders

This past weekend my whole family took a trip to Bear Lake for the weekend. It was alot of fun. It was the first trip my whole family has been on together in years.

One of the things we did while there was we visited Minnetonka Cave. Since I wrote in my last post that I like to write about space, animals, monsters and caves I thought I should talk about a cave in this post. Minnetonka is the indian word for small toy truck. (Okay, I know that was a lame joke, but everyone there likes to say it over and over.) It is actually the indian word for falling waters, because of all the drippy action going on inside.

We had alot of fun. On the way there we were singing, "Minnetonka, Minnetonka the amazing chocolatier / Minnetonka, Minnetonka, everybody give a cheer." My mom expressed how we made other references to Willy Wonka when we visited the same cave as small children.

The cave was filled with neat formations, big columns, stalactites and stalagmites. It was really interesting to see everything inside.

At one point there was a bat and Robyn and Delta were both terrified of it. I was explaining to them that it made no sense to be scared of it because A)it didn't want to attack them and B)even if it did want to attack them it was so small that it could barely harm them. They retorted with all sorts of reasons why it was scary and I was able to refute all of them until they said that they were afraid it was actually a vampire and would take its true form and bite them. I realized there was nothing I could say to refute that because according to vampire lore, it would make sense for the vampire to hide in the cave during the day. And, of course, an eternity as a member of the undead would not be very pleasing so I had to concede that they were allowed to be afraid of it.

All in all, it was a great trip. We had fun at the cave. We had fun at the lake and we had tons of fun just being with family. Now I'm working on my family to do a bigger trip. I'm thinking Alaskan cruise.

P.S. I thought about saying something about looking up at the stars at night so I could have included all 4 subjects (Space: stars, animals: bat, monsters: vampire, cave: Minnetonka) but we really didn't do any stargazing while we were up there so it would have been a lie.


  1. Maybe I need to go to the awesome cave sometime. If I get bitten by a vampire then I will be an immortal. I also will be irresistible to girls everywhere.

  2. That makes me soooo happy you saw a bat at Minnetonka.

    And thanks for not lying to us by saying you did some stargazing while you were there. I'm glad to hear your blog posts (well, at least this one) are non-fictional.

  3. I love that the one answer you could not refute was vampires! Although, I can see your point. :)

    Hope you had a blast!

  4. I am just glad that you had a good time and you understand my fear of bats (actually most animals). Oh, and you have been a wonderful husband the last few weeks while I have been a "beginning of the school year" mess! Love ya!

  5. I hope seeing a bat in that cave was as much fun as it was for Kayli and I to see a bat swooping down at us in Lowe's.

    Good thing Robyn wasn't there then.

  6. It was fun!! I love the minnetonka/willy wonka song! I am glad the bat wasn't a vampire bat. I like the Alaskan cruise idea. We definitely need to do more vacations together though! Love ya!


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