Friday, September 11, 2009

Eleventh Moniversary

Well, today is our Golden Moniversary. (We've been married 11 months on the 11th.) The last few weeks we've gotten a little bit boring because Robyn has been focusing most of her energy on starting a new year of school. Nevertheless, we've still had a few adventures this month. There were such fun things as Our family bear lake trip, rediscovering some items from my past and acquiring an item I've been forever searching for. A few of the other adventures I haven't yet written about are below.

Our Bedroom Goes High Tech
I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner, but we took my projector and put it on top of Robyn's dresser. We hooked a portable DVD player to it as well as some old computer speakers I have. It projects across the room and creates an image on the opposite wall that is a good 5 foot diagonal. So we can lay in bed and watch any DVD we have. We've been watching Star Trek episodes every night. We started with season 1 which is fun because I haven't seen many of them.

Robyn takes snoring to a new level
Normally Robyn's snoring is quite dainty. It's just a really quiet snore that you can barely hear. But one night, I woke up and I heard a high pitched whining sound. I thought she was crying. I asked her if she was okay and then realized she was quite asleep. I've never heard that sound before or since but it was truly amazing.

Robyn forgets I'm awesome
Robyn and I teach the sunbeam class in primary. (The 3 and 4 year old children in our church) Recently the lessons was on being thankful for clothes. We decided to bring clothes for the kids to dress up in. Robyn asked me if I had anything that would be fun for the kids to wear. I replied, "Did you forget I'm awesome?" Over the years I have made many cool costumes for Halloween and other important occasions. I grabbed various hats, ties, shirts, and all sorts of great stuff. Robyn made me leave the coolest stuff home like the mullet wig and the Viking hat. But the kids sure loved the Jedi Robe.


  1. You are awesome and I am sorry that I sometimes forget that important piece of information.

  2. Jeff, I never have and never will forget you're awesome. (And you too, Robyn!)

    I can't wait to see what October 11th's post will bring.

  3. Hey look Jeff, I am the third one to post on your blog! This is a new record for me. I am glad you were able to keep the little ones thankful for their clothes with your Jedi robe! Is this another way of bringing Star Wars to church (i.e. quoting it during a talk and such)?

  4. I don't see why you had to leave the viking hat at home! :)

    Jeff, you are AWESOME!

  5. Yay for monniversay posts? Did I spell that right??

  6. I bet she sometimes forgets that you are a genius too. Sometimes Robyn forgets, but that's okay. I sometimes forget that Robyn is a great cook, I wonder what could remind me...

  7. I wish I got to dress up in a Jedi Robe at church. Maybe I'm attending the wrong ward...

    Thank you for posting the pictures of you two wearing the hats. They make me soooo happy.

    And I second Kayli's comment, you're both awesome!


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