Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Best Post of 2013


It's a brand new year!  That means I can write a mediocre post and it will still be the best thing I've written this year.  But don't worry, I've included this graphic which will make your new year a happy one.

2012 was a fabulous year.  I had lots of great experiences.  I thought I'd recap a few that stood out.

1. I was published in a real publication.  (The Ensign, published by my church)
2. I left a tip of pi.
It happened to be a 24% tip.  That is love.
3. Beat my mother-in-law at Words With Friends.  (She's unstoppable.)
4. Went inside 4 new temples.
This is the Oakland Temple.  We're totally artistic.
5. Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge
6. Ate clam chowder at Pier 39.  (I have long yearned to have fresh San Francisco clam chowder)
7. Kissed behind a waterfall in Hawaii

I convinced a hottie to kiss me.

8. I drank from a coconut

9.  I read 41 books that totalled 10,027 pages.
10. I lifted 2.2 million pounds at the gym. (The sum total of all my reps)
11. I made this photo of me and President Obama as missionaries
12. I watched The Hobbit.  (Don't say it is just a movie.  Bilbo's actions were very important in the War of the Ring.)
13.  I tried Bacon Soda.  (More on that later)
14.  I experienced Lehi Foam Day for the first time.
15.  I went to Hawaii (I know 2 of the items above are in Hawaii, but it was either list Hawaii as a whole or list the thousands of things I did there.)

So, as you can see, 2012 was a very successful year.  2013 looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome as well.  I don't know what all it will hold.  But I'm a little hungry, so I think I'm going to have a snack.  2013 could be the year of snacks.


  1. Oooo, I love snacks too. That should be our theme this year.

  2. 2012 was an awesome year-especially the Hawaii part.
    2013 will mark the year I have now visited all 50 states.


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