Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Do We Hate our Friends in January?

or Why we Need Bananafest Day

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So why do we hate our friends and family so much in January?  What's that you say?  You don't hate your loved ones in January?  You think that just by labeling them "loved ones" that means that you don't hate them?

I know you claim you don't hate them.  But let's examine the evidence.

Let me take you back to December.  I know it was a long time ago, but just try to remember.  Remember how you had all sorts of events to get together?  You had one with your work.  You had one with your church group. You had one with family.  (Possibly several with different parts of family.)  You had some with friends.  In fact, there was so much getting together that you had to turn some of them down, because there just wasn't enough time to attend all of them.

When you weren't getting together, you were making treats for all of your neighbors, as well as other friends and family.  You spent time dropping by to deliver the aforementioned treats.  Perhaps you even bought gifts for various friends and family.

You placed gifts under a special tree, even taking the time to wrap them and make them look special so that they could be enjoyed aesthetically before the gift itself is enjoyed.

You might have travelled to see family or friends that you don't normally see.

Then the New Year came, and you got together with more people.  You gave a kiss to that special someone.  Perhaps you even found a new special someone to give a kiss to if you were lacking in the special someone department prior to that moment.

In short, you went out of your way to spend time with, and show love to family and friends.  But the moment the New Year arrived, your new schedule consisted of sitting inside and complaining that it is cold.  Did you know that those loved ones still exist?  Did you know it was cold in December when you loved them?

As undeniable proof of the cold, I present to you Santa's sleigh.
A sleigh is used to go through snow.  That means it is cold everywhere on Earth on Christmas day, even Hawaii.
Photo Credit

Now I ask you, why are you not spending time with loved ones the way you did in December?  Why do we pack so much into December and then forget that we love our family and friends the rest of the year?

It is an enigma to me.  But that is why we have Banana Fest Day.

"What is Banana Fest Day?"  You ask, excitedly.

I appreciate your excitement.  Banana Fest Day occurs every January 28th.  It was born out of a conversation I had with a friend of mine 7 or 8 years ago.  It's very simple.  You make something delicious that includes bananas as an ingedient.  Then you get together with others who do the same.  You eat each other's delicious food, and possibly even have conversations.  Even without conversations, you can still sit in the same room and eat food, thus simulating healthy relationships.

"What if I don't like bananas?" You ask, incredulously.

First of all, what is your problem?

Second, this isn't banana day.  We're not eating straight bananas.  The fest portion involves making other foods utilizing bananas, where the end result may or may not taste like banana.  You still like banana bread, right?  Just imagine all the other good things you haven't experienced.

So who's with me?  I hope that Banana Fest Day will someday be a worldwide holiday.  Let me know if you'd like to come fest with me.  Or, let me know if you plan to fest at your own home.  Thus, helping it spread.

Or, if you prefer, you can just tell me why you hate your friends in January.


  1. "First of all, what is your problem?" I laughed out loud.

  2. I still like you, even if it is still January!

  3. Hey, let's have a get together Thursday night and Sunday and every Sunday--I like you and like getting together with you. (I do miss Thursday lunches!)

    1. Sometimes you abandon me for Thursday lunches.

  4. I am totally willing to continue Christmas into January, but Wade does not allow it.

    I think that the Banana Fest Day is a great idea to bring some happiness into January and I might have to try it!

  5. Am I allowed to like Bananafest and also hate friends in January?


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