Monday, January 14, 2013

The Purple iPad

For all of those who enjoyed the posts I wrote about our experiences teaching the 3 and 4 year-olds in our church,  I have some sad news.  We have been released from that position and we now teach the 12 and 13 year-olds.  I'm actually really excited about it.  We just had our second Sunday working with them and I love it.  I have been super impressed with their knowledge of the gospel and their desires to learn and grow.  But, unfortunately, they probably won't say as many cute and amusing things.  I still reserve the right to write about them, but I don't promise it will be as amusing.

All that being said, I still have a story about one of our little Sunbeams.

I actually didn't experience this story.  It is a Robyn original.  However, I've written before about how much it costs to get Robyn to write on her blog.  I can't afford her services, so I'm just going to write it myself.

There is one girl who was a little bit difficult in our class.  She didn't like to cooperate and was often defiant just for the pure fun of being defiant.  Robyn was kind of amazing, and eventually got her to behave in class, but she had to spend lots of one on one time getting her to understand the rules.  I'm especially proud of Robyn that we never had to send her to her mom.

Now that our Sunday School with the 12 year-olds allows us to attend our 3rd hour meetings, Robyn gets to enjoy Relief Society.  She had been asked to come to the front and share some thoughts.  At that same moment, this same little girl was brought in by her new teachers to be with her mom.   She looked up and saw Robyn and whispered to her mom, "That's my old teacher.  She has a purple iPad, but you can't play with it if you're bad."

I guess, after everything we tried to teach her, the lesson that she feels is the sum of all our teachings is, "bad kids can't play with the purple iPad."  I would have hoped for something like, "Jesus loves you."  But we'll take what we can get.
The iPad is actually white, but it has a purple case.  It also has pictures of me, which makes it very awesome.


  1. I have two thoughts.
    I think she must have been very motivated by the iPad and that's a good thing.
    Also, 12 year olds do say funny and amazing things. Once when we were talking about humility a young man told me he was "really good" at not thinking he was better than other people. He went on to say, "I think I'm the best person I know at not thinking I'm better than other people." I thought he was joking at first which would have been awesome but he wasn't so that made it even more awesome! And we had an even long discussion about being humble.
    Then there was a 13 year old young woman when we were playing a trivia lesson review game got the question, "Where did you live before you came to earth?" her answer, "With my mom?"......I guess I'm not a very good teacher. :)

    1. That's awesome. I love the kid who was better than everyone else at not thinking he was better than everyone else. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines from The Screwtape Letters: "Your patient has become humble; have you drawn his attention to the fact?"

      Hopefully we'll get some good stories out of the 12 year olds, as well.

  2. I'm glad that my ipad can bring such joy to good little girls.

  3. Maybe the ipad will work for the 12 year olds too!


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