Friday, October 17, 2014

Haunting a Circus

Since time immemorial, October has been a time when I try (and fail) to scare myself by taking a date to a haunted house.  The date is important, because when I fail to get scared, I can still be amused by the funny things my date does when she's frightened.

When I got married, that tradition had to end.  Robyn is too terrified of haunted houses.  She did attempt to go with me once, but she nearly passed out from fear and it has been clear since then that she will never be my date for a haunted house.  Back in 2011, I came up with the brilliant idea to ask my little sister on a haunted date.  Since then, it has been an annual event, and it has been fantastic.

This year we returned to the place where it all began.  We took our haunted date to the Haunted Circus, where we had it in 2011.  This year it was a double date.  Zack and Dann came along with us, so I informed them that they were on a date.  There was a bit of a debate about which one was the woman, and the jury is still out on that.

Here is some of the preciousness that ensued while we were trying to frighten ourselves.

Is it possible to go on a date without taking a selfie?
This animatronic clown was kind enough to pose with us.
The four of us posing in the front.  We told those girls they could photobomb us if they wanted.  Who wouldn't want to be in a picture with us?
We even got a picture where there was actually light.  
I would say this year's haunted date was a success.  The highlights were when Zack was frightened by Gorliath, when Dann said really awkward things to the guy who wouldn't let him through and I realized that that level of awkwardness was more frightening than any other horrors they could put in front of me, and  of course when we asked the moss creature if we could have a hug and he hugged each of us.

Where will we haunt next year?

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