Saturday, October 11, 2014

Six Years of Bliss

As of today, Robyn and I have been married six years.

Six years doesn't actually sound like that long of a time period.  I'm 33 years old.  I've only been married for about 18% of my life.  Yet, in some ways, I can't even remember what life was like before I was married.

It's been a fun adventure so far.  We've had many great experiences together, and I look forward to many more.  We've packed quite a bit into 6 years.  I thought I'd chronicle just a few of the highs and lows of our brief six years of marriage.

We've had our face printed on candy.
We've been to Hawaii twice.
We've struggled through infertility.
We've begun the adoption process.
We've been on two cruises.
We became Scuba certified.
We backpacked into the Grand Canyon.
We bought a house.
We became landlords.
We've kissed approximately 1 billion times.
We've fist bumped approximately 47 times.
We've lived under 2 United States Presidents.
We've acquired 7.8 nieces and nephews (one is due in December.  I figure he's 80% cooked.)
We've had 3 surgeries between us.
We've been to Europe.
We've lost 120 pounds between us.
We've bought 2 cars. (I only wrote about one of them, so that's all that is linked.)
We've traveled to 18 states and 8 countries together.  (That includes our home state of Utah in our home country of the United States.)
We've celebrated 6 versions of every Holiday.  (But most importantly, Pi Day.)
I've fallen to my death at least twice.
We've taken approximately 12 billion selfies.  (I make no guarantees about the accuracy of my approximations.)

This was just a list that I was able to come up with in a brief time period of ten minutes or so.  We've had so many adventures, that I could never list them all.  But the biggest adventure of all, is coming home every day to the love of my life.  She always surprises me with her wit and her fun personality.  She brings me joy just by being in my presence.  I look forward to many more exciting years.  Happy Anniversary my love!

P.S.  Here is the most recent of our 12 billion selfies.
It's extra precious because my parents are in the background.


  1. I'm so glad you're in our family. I hope to be a part of your adventures in the years to come.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more precious years together!!!


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