Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dinner with Spencer and My Love

I mentioned earlier that Robyn is taking me on a mystery trip for our anniversary.

However, the anniversary trip didn't actually take place on our anniversary.  It works out much better to take the trip when Robyn has the day off.

That meant that I was in charge of planning a date on our actual anniversary.  We switch off who plans dates every week, but usually it's something simple like a movie at home or going for a hike.   For our anniversary, I took the liberty of taking us to something slightly fancier.

I googled "romantic restaurants in Utah" and one of the top hits was Spencer's For Steak and Chops in SLC.  It was definitely more expensive than our normal date, but the deliciousness was off the charts, and we had a great experience.

Of course, it was a surprise for Robyn where we were going.  She suspected we'd be spending the evening in downtown Salt Lake, mostly because that's where all the fancy restaurants are.  I tried to throw her off by saying stuff like, "for all you know we're going to Idaho." as I was driving north on I-15.  She let me know that if we were driving all the way to Idaho, she would be cranky because she was hungry.

We got to Spencer's and they seated us right away.  We definitely did not track calories at this meal, and we ordered a lot of food.

The most important part of the night was making sure to take a selfie.

The second most important part of the night was all of the cheesiness.

I made Robyn pose with her cheese.
 I'm not gonna lie.  We indulged with this meal.  We ordered like 5 courses, and all of it was fantastic.  (And most of it we took home because we couldn't eat it all.)  I had filet mignon and all sorts of goodness.  But I think my favorite thing of the night was the macaroni and cheese.
I ordered macaroni and cheese as a side.  It was the fanciest mac and cheese the world has ever seen. 
The macaroni had candied bacon in it.  CANDIED BACON!  I told Robyn we could totally come back there and just order that and I'd be happy.  Did I mention candied bacon?

At the end of the meal they gave us free dessert because it was our anniversary.

This was some of the best cheesecake I've ever had.

This chocolate cake was more like a truffle.  It was good, but the chocolate was a little dark for my taste.
 It was a fabulous evening.  The food was fabulous, and the company was even better.  I love going on dates with her!

I'm looking forward to our little trip we have coming up.  It will be like a 3 day long date.  I can't wait!

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