Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Tonsil Free Wife

Three weeks ago, Robyn had surgery.

She has had way too much strep throat in her life.  In addition, her tonsils have continually been infected and caused allergy like symptoms even though she's not allergic to anything.  She's been suffering through that for a long time and finally decided to break up with her tonsils.

We had just gotten back from our sweet Alaskan cruise.  I had a lot to catch up on at work, so I asked my mom to take her to the hospital for her surgery so that I could work.  I told her it was very important to document the process, she happily obliged.

They let Robyn wear a very cute hat.
If you're wondering what it's like to have surgery, here is a first person view.

Once she got home, it was my job to take care of her.  To be honest, it wasn't all that difficult.  I mostly functioned as a waiter.
She purchased all the necessary supplies beforehand.
My most important job was to keep her water cold.  Her throat would really hurt when it got dry so it was very important for her to drink lots of water.  The colder the water, the less it hurt.  I just made sure that her cup was always filled to the brim with ice.  That was my most important job, but it wasn't my only job.  I also took her order no matter what it was.  Normal waiters don't have to drive all the way to Red Mango, but I did.

Waiters usually don't get themselves a treat, but I did.
My second duty after being a waiter was to document Robyn on drugs.  I was kind of disappointed.  She didn't say very many funny things.

However, there was one amusing incident.  She told me, "We're gonna be so busy.  We have so many things happening."

I was a little confused because we didn't have any plans for at least a week, other than letting her stay home and heal.  So I asked her what we were so busy with.

"Just my mind."

Robyn has a pretty happening mind on painkillers.

She's mostly healed now. I no longer have to be her waiter.  So if you want to talk to a tonsil free woman, come on over.

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  1. You are the best waiter! Thanks for taking care of me. (Your Mom, My Dad, Delta and Megan did a great job substituting while you were at work)


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