Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life on an Alaskan Cruise Ship

I know you thought I was done posting about our Alaskan Cruise.

Well, you were wrong.

Remember how cute we were on the cruise?

I realized that I had posted about all of the places we visited on the cruise, but I hadn't posted about the cruise itself.  We had 3 full days at sea, and I'm not gonna lie.  As much as I loved exploring Alaska, enjoying nature and experiencing new places,  I also really loved the complete relaxation on the ship.

The first thing we did when we got on board was to explore the ship.  It was a big ship with all sorts of things to do, there were 2 pools, half a dozen hot tubs, shops, a library, a casino (complete with a husband and wife bickering about how much money the husband wasted on gambling), and of course lots of places to eat.

There was all that plus a plasma globe.
One of the first places we wanted to explore was the Broadway Theater.  We walked in and it was completely empty.  So, naturally, my sister and I did an impromptu performance.
This is what the theater looks like from the stage.

This is what our sweet dance moves looked like from the audience.

Another great discovery was the ice cream machine.  The first night it was in high demand, there were billions of people lined up.  But once we got into Alaskan waters, I didn't have to share it with anyone.  It was 50 degrees outside with lots of wind, and I was sitting there in my shorts and flip flops enjoying ice cream.  I got a lot of funny looks but it was truly joyful.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the relaxation room.  It was a room at the back of the ship where they played soft music and you could just sit and look where the ship had been.  Robyn and I kicked up our feet and did lots of reading in that room.
Just my feet and the ocean.  Don't you feel like you're there?

Of course, I couldn't talk about a cruise without mentioning the awesome food.  Every meal was amazing, but I had to include at least one picture.
Is there anything greater than cheesecake?

There were always good views while eating.  This happens to be the view of Juneau

DJ was our server, and he was the best.
On formal nights I was required to wear my suit coat.  My goal was to convince Robyn she needed it because she was cold.  Plus, it looked cute on her.
Of course, another important part of a cruise is the towel animals.  Every time you leave the room they somehow sense it and they go in and clean it.  I'll be honest, I felt the excessive cleaning was unnecessary.  But, despite that, the animals that appeared in our room each time were very fun.

Which one is your favorite?
All in all, the cruise was super amazing.  But I think my favorite part was that we could go up on deck at any time and check out the ever changing view.

And it certainly didn't hurt that I had a cute wife to share it with.
The moral of the story is that you need to go on a cruise.  It's relaxing, delicious, and amazing.

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