Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fat Guy in a Little Coat

Robyn and I had the opportunity to go to Bear Lake with some friends this past weekend.  It was loads of fun, and I'll tell you more about it in just a moment.  But first, the tale of the fat guy in a little coat.

While we were at Bear Lake, Robyn and I were reminiscing about a trip we took to Bear Lake with my family in 2009.  We had spent the entire day in the lake, and that evening the whole family went out for pizza.

There was something funky going on with my body.  Apparently the lake had lowered my body temperature, and then the air conditioning in the restaurant formed the perfect storm that caused me to be cold.  I need to repeat that just in case you didn't fully comprehend.  I was cold.  That's not an occurrence that happens very frequently, or ever.  I'm the guy who wears flip flops in sub-zero weather.

Of course, I wasn't prepared for the possibility of getting cold.  It was August.  It was hot outside.  Luckily, I married someone who gets cold no matter how hot it is.  (One of my favorite quotes from Robyn is, "It's getting cold outside, yesterday it was in the eighties.")  Robyn was kind enough to loan me her jacket.  Much hilarity ensued, as I became the fat guy in a little coat.  But at least I stopped shivering.

I was the most precious fat guy in a little coat there ever was.
You may be wondering why I told you that ancient story.  Well, like I said earlier, Robyn and I were reminiscing about the time I had to borrow her coat.  Then, I actually looked at the picture.

It turns out I was a big dude back then.  I had like 14 chins or something.

Every time I look at a picture like that I am somewhat blown away.  I guess since I see myself every day, the changes aren't noticeable from day to day.  I look at myself and see how much further I have to go.  Perhaps I forget how far I've already come.

Here are Robyn and I from this past weekend.
I know Robyn is the cuter one in the pic.  But I have a surprisingly low number of chins.  I'm sure that doesn't excite the rest of you like it does me.  Sometimes I just have to stop and look at how far I've come.  Because I still have just as far to go.

Besides the realization that there is much less of me in the world, it was also a great weekend overall.

I know this post has multiple personality disorder, but I'm now going to transition from telling you I'm excited that I have less chins to telling you about our trip to Bear Lake.

We got there Friday night.  Utah has had some crazy weather lately with plenty of rain and storms.  Laketown was no exception and we lost all power that night.  Luckily, Robyn had brought some glow in the dark bracelets.  A dark house is perfect for just such a toy.  How awesome is that?

Yes.  Toys meant for 8 year olds are perfect for us.
The next morning I got up early to do my exercise.  There were no moose like last week, but I did see such wildlife as falcons, deer, and cows.  (The falcons and deer were wild.  The cows not so much, so perhaps they weren't wildlife, but just life.)  I also climbed halfway up a mountain.  I would have gone to the top but I was worried I wouldn't be back in time for breakfast.  (It's the most important meal of the day.)

I did get high enough for this view.

The water in the foreground is a little fishing pond.  Bear Lake is way in the distance.
After Breakfast we all spent the entire day at the lake.

I got to spend time with fabulous people.

A trip to Bear Lake is not complete until you hug a buoy.

It was a great weekend.  I think the relaxation was just perfect for Robyn after her first week back to teaching this year.

I feel relaxed just looking at this picture.  It's even better being there.


  1. I assure you, your disappearing chins is probably almost as cool to me as it is to you! Keep up the good work!

  2. I love Bear Lake no matter how many chins are involved!!


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