Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Dreams

I had a dream last night.  It really stressed me out.  I don't know if it was really a nightmare but it's one of the most stressful dreams I've had in a long time.  Therefore, I'm officially going to call it a nightmare.  Robyn also had an interesting dream.  I'm going to share them both, I have some theories regarding the interpretations thereof but I may need your input as well.

Here's what happened in mine:

I dreamed that Robyn and I were in Hawaii.  At first everything was great, but then I realized we had forgotten our camera.  I was so sad that we wouldn't be able to take pictures of all the pretty scenery and all the fun things we were doing. Then we were walking out to the beach and I realized I didn't have my hat.  I became very concerned that I was going to burn my head.  Then I realized we didn't have any sunblock.  I knew in my heart that I was going to get sunburned the first day and be in pain the rest of the trip.

This is how sad sunburns make me

I became so worried about getting sunburned that I just went back to our hotel and sat in sadness.  Robyn had fun the rest of the day and returned that evening.  I was depressed that we were in Hawaii and I had to hide from the sun.

When I woke up I was so relieved that we weren't in Hawaii.  I thought to myself, "there's still time to get everything we need."  (We're planning a trip to Hawaii in June.  We're totally going to bring sunblock.)

I later sat and pondered what this dream might mean.  I came up with two possibilities.
1. I'm deathly afraid of sunburns and I think the Sun is a monster.  (It makes sense, have you ever been sunburned?  It hurts.)
2. My nightmares are more awesome than yours.  (This is the most likely meaning of the dream.  I mean, I wasn't naked in front of a crowd.  No scary people were chasing me.  I was in paradise.   I just didn't have sunblock.  Plus, you can totally buy sunblock in Hawaii.)

After I awoke, I explained my dream to Robyn.  It turns out she had a good dream last night as well.

It started out with her finding out she was pregnant.  (From her description I don't think there was any pregnancy test.  She just knew somehow.)  She wanted to come up with a creative way to tell me she was pregnant, so she went to the store to buy whatever she needed for her creative stratagem.  When she got home, I had apparently emptied our cupboard and thrown away lots of things.  She was confused by that, but went ahead and let me know she was pregnant.
This is an artist's rendition of what Robyn will look like pregnant.
Yes, I consider myself an artist.

After she told me, I became terrified.  I was very upset about it and she was very concerned that I was so upset.  Eventually, though, I told her, "Even though I'm scared, I kind of already knew.  That's why I got rid of the toilet in the front room."  She became confused.  So I showed her where the toilet used to be in the front room.  I had boarded up the hole with plywood or something.  I also showed her pictures of the front room with the toilet in it.  She had no memory of the front room toilet, but after I showed her all the evidence she became convinced that we used to have a toilet in the front room.

Here are the possible interpretations that I've come up with:
1. Robyn is scared that I'm scared of children.  (Makes sense, children are scary.)
2. Robyn really wants a toilet in the front room but she's afraid that I'll remove it after she gets one. (Also makes sense, that would be awkward.)
3. Robyn's dreams are more awesome than you can possibly imagine. (This is clearly true.)

Those are my interpretations.  What do you think?


  1. It was traumatic thinking you were upset that I was pregnant. It was just too sad and then the whole toilet thing totally threw me off. Well, at least I know how to find sunblock in Hawaii so I can help with your fears.

  2. I must say I love the artists rendition. She will make a beautiful pregnant wife and you will make a great pregnant wife's husband!! No need to fear! And I will bring a camera and sunblock!

  3. My interpretation: I think you should be a professional dream interpreter.

    I had a dream I was going to my concert on Wednesday and FORGOT MY CAMERA TOO. I almost died. It was so tragic, but it made it so I could just enjoy the concert without worrying about getting good pictures!

  4. You guys should borrow our children for some fun sometime. It's like when someone is scared of snakes so they play with them to get unscared.

  5. I had a couple of meaningful dreams recently also. I usually don't remember my dreams, so this was a big deal for me. I guess dreams happen at the end of Summer. (though be careful cause that is also when broken necks happen.)

  6. wow! you did an amazing job making it look like Robyn is giving birth to a beach ball.

  7. I'm no good at deciphering dreams, but beach ball pregnant Robyn is hilarious.

  8. Well, your dream could mean Jeff, that you are really scared of being unprepared and that you don't want to lose out on fun with Robyn as a result. And you are just too afraid of the sun. You might want to get a rug for back up! Simple.
    Robyn's dream I have had a similar dream. I think it means that she is subconciously scared that you will freak out about kids cause of your feelings about kids, and she might want a toilet in the living room so when she is sick being pregnant, she won't have to rush all the way to the bathroom. It would just be right there.

  9. rosiemosiebloggerosie, You bring up a good point about the convenience of having a toilet in the front room. Why run all the way to the bathroom when you could just have a toilet right there? Maybe Robyn's dream was just revealing to us the importance of having a toilet in the front room.


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