Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grooving in a Wagon

I was posting my San Diego pics to facebook. I discovered that there were two shots of me on a wagon that were kind of awesome when viewed quickly in succession. Naturally, I made an animated gif out of them. I hope you appreciate this awesomeness.
My little jig motivates the oxen

Edit: It appears that the animation doesn't work in all browsers.  If you click on the image it will take you to the raw image on my site where the animation seems to work more universally.


  1. Pretty freakin awesome! I love it!

  2. love it. That's one pretty amazing website you've got there - I especially like the Times New Roman font :) How does your temple calculator work? I couldn't get it to accept my address.

  3. Now I can watch you grooving in a wagon any time, day or night.

    Not that that's creepy.

  4. glarcy,
    I'm kind of embarrassed that you looked at my home page on my site. I mostly use my site to host various little side projects that I work on. I had forgotten what I even put on the main page. The temple calculator only works in Internet Explorer right now. I haven't bothered to fix it so it works in other browsers. (Even then it's picky sometimes. Sometimes it won't understand your address the first time but will have no problem if you try again.)

    Jackie, it's not creepy at all. If there's ever a time you can't sleep, just make yourself a sandwich, sit down and enjoy some wagon grooving.

  5. Love it! Almost as good as it was in person!

  6. Dork!!! hahaha that's amazing : )

  7. You are a great wagon groover. YEE HAW!!


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