Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sometimes I go to Chicago. That’s just how I roll. I’m actually writing this on the plane on the way home. But since this plane isn’t high tech enough to give me internet access, all of you will have to wait until I get home to read it. (I feel sorry for you. I’m glad I get to read it live as it is being written.)

I wasn’t able to do tons of things because my days were spent in a classroom. (I actually flew out for a training for work. It turned out to be very educational so I’m glad I had the opportunity. Plus, it means that I get reimbursed for travel expenses.) But each evening I went tromping about the city, so I’ll share a few things.

Of course, first I have to share with you the famous landmarks.

I was able to see Cloud Gate.

It’s a cloud, it’s a gate, it’s a giant reflective bean.
You can see the front of me and the back of me.  What a treat.
I went to Buckingham Fountain.
It’s kind of like Buckingham Palace, only it’s a fountain.
I stopped by Crown Fountain
The fountain tried to spit on me but I would have none of it.  I did, however, frolic in the water just like all the children.
This wasn't an important landmark but it should be.  Check out the automatic seat covers on the toilets in the airport.  Every public bathroom should be this awesome.

But now we get to the really important stuff.  The next 3 items are items that are on my bucket list.
Eat a real Chicago Dog
This was amazing!  I was a little worried because Chicagoans don’t like ketchup on their dogs.  That is a concern because ketchup is delicious.  But it turns out I wasn’t even offended that there was no ketchup.  With all the other goodness they put on them, ketchup is not required.  Although, I could do without the hot peppers, but other than that it was glorious.

I make the dog look good.
Eat real Chicago Pizza
This pizza was like 4 inches thick.  It kind of blew my mind.  It was good but it wasn’t necessarily any better than other pizza I’ve had.
Swim in one of the great Lakes
I need some input on this last item.  I walked to a beach of Lake Michigan, but since I was just out walking the city I wasn’t in a swimsuit or anything.  I did wade into the water until it was about knee deep but I didn't actually swim.  Can I cross “Swim in one of the Great Lakes” off my bucket list?  I need to know if the people think that I would be cheating.


  1. I think you can count wading in a great lake, as swimming because you were in the water.

  2. I didn't realize you were going so soon! I hope I get to hear more about your trip, and I hope you loved Chicago. I think it's pretty great! I was also really impressed with the toilets there and took my own video of the seat cover moving. :) I'm glad to see you went equipped with your water shoes. Wasn't that a good decision?? So many questions...I guess I'll just have to talk to you about it in person next time we get a chance.

    Oh, and I hope Robyn survived the 3 days without you!

  3. I think you can count the great lake. I'm glad you had such a good time, but I'm not gonna lie...I have no interest in those hot dogs. :)

    Now, on to San Diego!

  4. that pizza is huge!!!
    And I think you can count it as swimming in the lake if you want to, if you would rather not count it, so you can go back, that's okay too.

  5. #1-"It’s kind of like Buckingham Palace, only it’s a fountain" made me laugh for about 30 seconds straight. Then when I copied and pasted it onto this comment, it made me laugh for another 10. That sentence must be magical!


    #3-That's definitely not cheating. You can cross it off!

  6. No wonder it's called Pie instead of pizza. Four inches. Yowsah.

  7. Sounds like a rockin time. Did you do any work while you were there? The question is, do I have to go to Chicago to have a Chicago dog, or can I just make one here?

  8. I'm glad the consensus seems to be that I can cross it off the list. It's official. I have swam in one of the Great Lakes.

    Jared, I've never had a Chicago dog outside of Chicago. But Gandolfo's does have a "second city dog". I'll have to try it and see if it compares.

  9. Sorry I have been a slacking wife and have not read your blog in a while.

    You do make the dog look good!

    I am so glad you are home. I missed you a lot!

  10. I concur--you swam in a great lake. I have to say they had those kinds of toilet seats at the rest stops in Germany. I am surprised you didn't see one there!

  11. I think I just used one public bathroom in Germany and it did not have any magic seat covers. But I did get to see the bathrooms in Paris where it basically flushes the whole room. I wish I had gotten that on camera. I guess I'll have to go back.


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