Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Catchin' It

I've always liked little children.  They say funny things, they do funny things, they revel in their own cuteness.  (Much like myself.)

I have a harder time with babies.  I can't relate to them the way I do children.  I can't have amusing conversations with them because they don't speak.  Their cuteness is much more subtle. (They don't say cute things, they may just have a cute smile or cute giggle.)  I generally don't understand anything that's subtle.

So, my time spent working with the Sunbeams was great.  That is about the age where I start to get them.  This past week, we were sitting in Sunday School and someone came in from the nursery and asked us if we could come help out.  Apparently some of the normal people could not make it.

I went into the nursery, knowing full well that these children are at the level where I can't comprehend them.  I walked in and saw that all the adults were assisting the children in their construction of various items with Play-Doh.  I sat down next to one little girl and asked her what she was constructing.  She excitedly told me something that she was very passionate about.  The only problem?  I'm pretty sure she was speaking reformed Egyptian.  (I'm not 100% sure of that, I just know it wasn't english.)  So I just agreed with everything she was saying and I told her it was awesome.

Later, she actually said something in English.  It was time to play with toys, so she grabbed a ball and began "Catchin' it."

In case you don't understand what "catchin' it" is, I have outlined the steps to this game below:
1. Proclaim, "I'm Catchin' it!" as loudly as you can.  (But do it cutely)
2. Run as fast as you have strength towards the ball.
3. Run with full force through the ball so that it bounces away from you
4. Stop and fall to the ground
5. Repeat steps 1-4 until by some miracle you gain control of the ball
6. Throw the ball as far as you can, and proceed to step 1.

For your convenience I have provided this flowchart

I had a lot of fun in the nursery.  I decided that even though the children there speak reformed Egyptian, they're not too frightening.  Now the only ones I'm afraid of are newborns.  (I'm pretty sure they break if you drop them.  Plus, they have a hole in the top of their skull.  Who does that?)


  1. I would agree that newborns are breakable. As for the nursery kids you may have caught it and enjoyed it but trying being the one that they are afraid of.

  2. I am so glad you had a fun/cute experience with the kids in nursery. It is ok if the only ones you are afraid of now are newborns. I will take care of them fully until they turn into humans. Deal?

  3. LOVE the flowchart. Hilarious.

    I'm so glad babies aren't scary to you anymore! Now you just need to hold a few cute newborns and you'll be good to go!

  4. wow, you can really sell the concept of children. Now I want some!

  5. Cameron, I don't think they were that afraid of you. I think you were more afraid of them than they were of you. (Don't get me wrong, I was afraid too. I totally understand.)

    Robyn, I'm glad I have that in writing.

    Kayli, newborns are much too scary. What if I break them? It gives a whole new world of meaning to the phrase, "You break it you bought it."

    Melissa/glarcy, I wasn't even trying to sell the idea. I was just trying to express that maybe they're not as scary as I formerly believed. But I guess I'm just that good of a salesman. :)

  6. 2 things happen when a caring person holds a baby. A special shield is activated so that, "babies bounce." Second, that person learns to hold the baby so it doesn't need to bounce. You'll even get to the point that you can play catchin' it with one child and have another one sleeping on your free arm as you run around.

  7. For the record, I do not have a hole in the top of my head, it doesn't make sense really.

    Also in the future if you would put the flowchart first then it would save me the effort of reading the whole paragraph. Just sayin.

    Oh, and I'm convinced that you can learn to speak Reformed Egyptian if you try.

  8. I think I'll save that chart to my computer and pull it out in the future when I wonder how to entertain my kids all day.


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