Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Night Visitor

I didn't get much sleep last night.  The Night Visitor ruined my life.

I was in my bed, sleeping soundly like a good kid.  It was about 1:30 AM.  The doorbell rang and it woke me up.  But you know how sometimes you get woken up and you think you heard something but you don't really know because you were asleep?  That's the experience I had.  I laid there thinking, "did someone really just ring the doorbell?"  Finally I decided I had better go check.  I didn't really expect to see anyone there because I thought I had dreamed it.

I looked out the peephole and saw a man standing there.  I didn't have a good feeling when I looked at the guy but he turned and said something to a friend of his and that's when I noticed a black figure standing there.  I liked that individual even less.  I debated for a few moments whether I should open the door.  But the first thing that came to my mind was the movie, "The Strangers".  (It's about not nice people that ring your doorbell.)
These are not the people that rang my doorbell.  These are The Strangers that I thought of.
I don't know if the guy heard me approach the door but only a few seconds after I looked through the peephole he became excited.  He started yelling, "Mark!  Mark!"  I don't know who Mark is, but I know it's not me.  At this point it reminded me of the vampires in the book I Am Legend that stand outside Robert Neville's house and yell his name.  (Not the zombified ones from the movie)

These are also not the people who rang my doorbell.  This is cover art from I Am Legend.
After I realized I wasn't in a horror flick I pondered what the true story might be.  This Night Visitor was obviously confused.  He really wanted to see Mark and he was quite sure that Mark was inside my house.  I thought maybe he was drunk or high.  He might be a nice guy that just needs some guidance.  Maybe he just wanted to be the first one to wish me a happy Groundhog Day.  Whatever his reasons, I still really didn't want to talk to him.  I kept looking out the peephole every few minutes to see if he was still there.  He rang the doorbell a few more times (Luckily, Robyn never woke up) and then he finally gave up and left.  I watched him and his darkly visaged friend go get into their car and then I went back to bed.  Of course, the weirdness was too much for me to immediately go back to sleep, so I read a book that happened to be next to my bed about how to survive a zombie attack for the next hour or so.  It made me feel much better and I was able to return to my slumber.

Was I just a scared wimp?  Have I read too many books and seen too many movies?  Should I have opened the door?  Or was I wise to keep it closed?  Perhaps I avoided a serial killer, zombie or vampire.  What do you think?


  1. One I think you need to get that Mr. Hyde potion figured out. Then you could always open the door. Second, I don't think you should open the door at 1:30am to anyone that you don't know. Third I would base it off of the spirit. Which sounds like what you did.

  2. Why do you like to scare me with creepy pictures? Do you know who you are married to? Do you remember the haunted house episode? Well, I have to say that I am SO happy that I stayed asleep or I might not have slept at all last night.

  3. I'm so glad the vampires and strangers weren't the real visitors...but I guess you'll never really know for sure.

    Robyn: You probably don't want to read this...
    I forgot to tell you about the time when my dad heard someone knock on the door late at night and when he asked who it was (because he didn't have a peephole), the guy wouldn't answer him, so my dad told him he wouldn't answer until he knew who it was. Eventually the guy walked away and said something like, "You're lucky you didn't open the door, Buddy." AHHHH SCARY.

  4. I say never answer your door at that time of night unless you know who it is!

  5. Cameron and Cindy, thanks for the validation. I didn't feel good about opening the door but then I thought maybe I should have so that I could possibly point them in the right direction. It's good to know you support my actions.

    Robyn, sorry I frighten you. I just used the scary images to help portray the frightening thoughts I was having at the time. I'm just trying to help you be there with me as I tell the story. I'm just glad you didn't wake up or the prime directive would have been ended forever.


  6. you always have great night visitors. I never get that great of visitors at night. I do have one concern with your story which may just be related to your sentence structure. Your post says, "how to survive a zombie attack for the next hour or so." That doesn't seem like a very useful book. I think I could survive a zombie attack for an hour or so without any training. I need a book that is going to help my survive for the long haul. Anyway, I hope you stay free of night visitors and I hope you survive the zombie invasion for more than an hour or so.

  7. Jared, I read a book for an hour or so that was about how to survive a zombie attack. The book didn't specify a time period so I assume it is long term survival.

    I hope that clears things up. :)

  8. uh, creepy. maybe lay off the creep vids.

  9. I think you were wise to keep your door shut. It could've been neat for you to stand at your front window in plain sight and just stare at them without moving. Then maybe they'd be the ones creeped out. I suggest trying that next time.

  10. This is hilarious! I think you did the right thing my friend! You never know if they wanted to come in for tea or if they wanted your rolex! Either way I love reading you blog. It is funny how I can actually hear you saying the words as I read them. I love that you you write like you talk!


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