Thursday, March 5, 2015

Groupies Again

This past weekend Robyn and I had a little get away in Cedar City, Utah.  I've written before about how we are groupies for my little brother, Justin.  Our groupie behavior won't be stopping any time soon, so naturally we went down there to see his latest play.  This time he was playing the Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof.

We drove down Friday night, with the intent that we would get up on Saturday morning and do some hiking, and then see Justin's play that evening.

Well, I woke up early Saturday morning and opened our curtains to welcome in the sunshine.  What my eyes beheld was a little different than sunshine.  It looked like this.

My poor little car.
I know that I'm in Utah, and it was the end of February, so this shouldn't have surprised me.  But this has been the warmest winter of my entire life, so I suppose I forgot that snow could exist.   I was a little bummed that my hiking was cancelled, but I was actually excited to finally see snow.  It was like the return of an old friend.

However, I did sort of wish that I had worn something besides my flip flops.  (I brought hiking boots, but I left them in the car so I had to trudge through the snow in flip flops.)
Any weather is flip flop weather.
Even without our planned hiking trip, we had loads of fun.  We spent the entire weekend just hanging with family.
We got to go out to each with Justin as a Rabbi.  (On stage he actually wore Rabbi clothing, but the white in his beard is awesome enough by itself.)

We totally did a family selfie at dinner.  We're so precious.
After hanging out for dinner, we did more hanging out at the theater.  Only Justin didn't hang out with us because he was on stage.  But he did a great job.
More selfies!
I handed the phone to my Mom, and then talked her through taking a selfie.  Aren't you so proud of her selfie abilities?
This fairy requested a selfie with me as well.
The play got over around 11:00 PM.  But since I hadn't had a chance to go hiking, I still wanted to get some exercise.  I asked my siblings if they wanted to walk back to the hotel with me.   My mom was convinced we were all going to die if we walked a mile back to the hotel in the snow.  I was sure I was way too old to have my mom worry about me going for a walk, but apparently there is no age where you are exempt from motherly concern.  The good news is that there were no deaths on our walk back to the hotel.

The better news is that we took this precious picture of us with a green longhorn at the gas station next to our hotel.
Mellen and I are so precious.  Zack was there as well, but he's the photographer.
All in all, I'd say it was a successful trip.  We had tons of fun, took plenty of selfies, and arrived home safely.  What more could we expect of a weekend trip?

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