Monday, March 23, 2015

A date with a princess

Robyn and I have a tradition of switching off who plans our date each week.  Sometimes we're creative and sometimes we aren't.  Many dates just consist of going out to dinner, but on occasion we try to do something special.

This week I was in charge.  I knew that Robyn really wanted to see Cinderella, so I bought us tickets.  But the first showing that I could get good seats for was at 8:00 PM.  However, Robyn met me at my work at 5:30.  That meant I had to fill up some time before the movie.

I wanted to surprise Robyn about the movie.  So I had to devise a plan where we would be at the movie theater at 8:00, but she wouldn't suspect that we were going to see a movie.  I'd say it worked out pretty well.  After taking her out to dinner, I took her to the mall right next to the theater.  I told her that I was taking her shopping, and I wasn't even going to complain about boring stores.

Some of the stores weren't completely boring.  I tried on different bike helmets.  I'm not sure why my bike helmet is way more boring than these.

I even took Robyn shoe shopping.  SHOE SHOPPING!  You should all know that shoe shopping is the truest form of love, because it's possibly the most boring thing a person could do.  But she's my princess, and we were going to see a movie about shoes, so I figured it fit.

We went to like 14 different shoe stores, and Robyn got to shop for shoes to her heart's content.

I had promised I wouldn't complain about shopping, but eventually it had sucked out enough of my soul that I was reaching my limit.  Robyn saw my pain and told me I could wait in the husband's section.  She really loves me.

My favorite is the guy who is sleeping.
After shopping we went out for ice cream, and then it was finally time to see the movie.  I was really proud of myself that I was able to make the movie a surprise, considering we were right next to the theater the entire night.

In the theater we sat next to like 5 teenage girls wearing tiaras.  I have to admit I was somewhat ashamed to realize that I hadn't brought Robyn's tiara so she could be a princess.  (But I deserve some props for the fact that I have bought her a tiara.)

She totally spent Christsmas day as Elsa.

Princess movies are definitely more up Robyn's alley, but I actually really enjoyed it, even though I seemed to be the only one that realized we shouldn't trust the fairy godmother because she killed Sirius Black several years ago.

The next date is Robyn's turn.  She promised me she was going to beat this one.  I don't think it's possible for her to put as much love into a date as I did.  Remember when I went shoe shopping?


  1. Yes! I totally thought they should have cast someone more suited to goodness for that role. Eck. Loved seeing the movie with one of my girls. Good job on the date!

  2. It was believable until you said that you went to 14 different shoe stores. I am unwilling to believe that more than 5 shoe stores exist.
    PS. How come you never take me on awesome dates?


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