Friday, March 27, 2015

The World's Handiest Wife

I have the world's handiest wife.  A little known fact about me (and by little known, I mean widely known) is that I'm not very handy at all.  I would much rather pay someone to do odd jobs than have to do it myself.  Luckily, Robyn is much more handy.

She decided she wanted to build some shelves for our food storage in our basement.  She did about 98% of the work, but she did rope me in to going to the store with her, doing math to figure out how much wood we need, and transporting the wood from the store to the basement.  (I can totally do math, and I can totally carry stuff, so it didn't violate my principles.)

Oh yeah, I forgot that I had one more job.  I was assigned the job of documenting her amazing work.

Putting the angle brackets on the wall.

The same activity but with the photographer inside the wall.

Some completed shelves.

Completed shelves with food on them.

She looks like she's afraid of the shelves, she's actually trying to demonstrate that she can hang on them without them falling apart.
This is what Robyn looks like when she's really proud of herself.
The moral of the story is that my wife is more handy than your wife.

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