Monday, March 16, 2015

Pi Day of the Century

If you've known me for very long, you know of my love for Pi day.  If you haven't known me very long, let me introduce you to one of the best holidays known to man.  Pi day happens on March 14th (3/14) due to it's similarity to the number pi.  (3.14159265359...)  This year was particularly special because the year allows the date to more closely resemble the number  (3/14/15).  If only I had been alive in 1592.  That would have been the best pi day ever.  (3/14/1592)

The day started out pretty simple.  I made sure to express my nerdiness by taking a picture of my watch at the most pi second of the day, which happens to be 3/14/15 9:26:53.

That nerdiness aside, we all know the proper way to celebrate pi day is with pie.  As we always do, we had people over to our place to share in the fabulous tradition of eating pie.

We do it every year, but some years we have a better turn out than others.  This year was a bigger year than the past few years.  This may be due to the fact that it was on a Saturday.  It may also be due to the fact that it was the pi day of the century.

We had 14 homemade pies, in addition to the pizza pie and chicken pot pie that Robyn provided.  She also provided a mini pie bar where you could build your own mini pies.  (Pi day is much fancier with a wife than it was back in my single days.)

A few of the pies, ready for judging and consumption.
The mini pie bar with pie tins, pudding and toppings.
My nephew Alex flew in from California to be a judge.  Robyn's brother Ken also agreed to take on the honor of judging the 14 pies.
The judges doing the extremely scientific work of discerning all the flavors.

We traditionally give out prizes for the best pie.  I think one thing we need to do is to start giving out prizes for the best pi related shirt.  I'm pretty sure that Dave would have won with his "hail pidra" shirt.

All the pi shirts.

While the judges deliberated, the people got to consume the pies and make their own decisions.  Eventually the judges emerged with their decisions and the prizes were awarded.
The Tysons got first place (and a $25 gift card) for their berry pie.

Delta made 3 pies in hopes of sweeping the top 3.  Her white chocolate strawberry pie got third place.
Not pictured:  Our friend Carla came in second with a chocolate cream pie.  She dropped off the pie and then left.  She did return at the end of the night, but by the time she returned I forgot to get a picture.  Oops.

All of the pies were delicious, even though only 3 could win.  I ate way more pie than I should, and was filled with much gladness.

As the evening wore on, most people left so that they could do things like go to bed.  However, a few of the truly stalwart stayed to celebrate the pi moment again.  It turns out that 3/14/15 9:26:53 actually happens twice in a day.  Jared, Jackie and Breanna all celebrated the moment by eating their last bite of pie at precisely that second.
That is true dedication to the spirit of pi.
I'd say it was a successful pi day.  

Pi day may be over, but let's try to keep the spirit of pi day with us all year long.  We can start by eating pi for breakfast.

Sunday morning breakfast included pie.  Look at all the gladness.


  1. OHMYGOSH I made the blog again!

    Hooray :) Thanks so much for a fantastic pie day! and for always having such a fantastic blog.

  2. MMMMM Pi. It's the best. What a great party.


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