Friday, January 24, 2014

The Awkward Dream Dance

I haven't written about any of my dreams in a while, but the other night I had a doozy.

It started out relatively normal.  I was in some sort of a theater prepared to watch a live performance.  As the performers came out on stage, I noticed the majority of them were women, but standing right in the center were two men.  To make it particularly strange, both of the men were guys I had known in high school but I hadn't seen either of them for at least 15 years.  (These were specific guys that I know, but I won't say their names due to the awkwardness of admitting that they randomly appeared in my dream.)

One of them was really tall and skinny, the other was a shorter more heavy set guy.  As if the two of them standing there in the middle of the stage wasn't awkward enough, their lack of congruity in body shape just made it that much of a spectacle.

All the people started dancing.  Some were leaping, some were twirling,  but the two men in the center stood immobile.  I remember thinking in the dream that it was really awkward that they weren't moving at all.  As if in response to my thoughts (because you can do that in dreams since my brain is writing the script anyway) they said in unison, "We represent awkwardness."

But they didn't just say it, they sort of sang it.

As if to illustrate the awkwardness they represented, they each lifted their outer arm into the air.  They each brought the one arm high above their head and arched it until they touched the other person's hand.  The two arms came together to form a heart shape.  It was very precious, and very awkward.

But then things got really weird.  (I know, you thought it was already plenty strange.) Suddenly, I was no longer viewing the dance from the audience, I was part of it.  I don't remember getting out of my seat and walking to the stage.  All I remember is that my view was suddenly much closer.  Then I realized my hands were in the air and I was nodding my head like "Yeah" and moving my hips like "Yeah."

Luckily, someone in the audience had a camera and captured the experience.

Then it was time to move on to our big finish.  Apparently I suddenly knew the choreography because I was totally synchronized with the group.

Since the whole dance was awkward, our big finish was as well.  We all got in a huddle, and we put our heads as close to the center as possible.  We pushed our heads in so far that our faces were squeezed between other faces.  It was true magic how our faces were squeezed but our shoulders weren't.  I don't remember any part of my body even touching another person, but my face was smashed between dozens of faces.

And then it was over.   I woke up.  Our dance was truly magical.  And awkward.  But the magic was over.

As with all my dreams that I share, I now require the people of the internet to interpret my dream.  It probably means I'm awkward, but what deeper meaning can you find?


  1. I got nothing... but I appreciate the pictures.

  2. Maybe that you need to reconnect with your two awkward friends and be awkward together again. (I'm really curious to know who they were-but don't tell me here).

  3. Well, I'm tall and skinny and haven't seen you since high school. Of course I was chubbier in high school. Either way I have always been very awkward. So I may have been either awkward dream dancer. Or stranger yet, both...

    1. Neither of the dancers in the dream were you, although I'm now picturing a skinny you and a chubby you dancing together and I'm pretty sure that wins the award for awkwardness. :)


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