Friday, January 17, 2014

Truly Awesome: Homemade Pizza

Throughout the annals of history, there has been one constant.  There has been one food that has withstood the test of time, permeating all cultures and all people.  That food is pizza.  (I don't want to hear any garbage about how there are plenty of cultures that don't eat pizza.  They would if they knew how delicious it is, so just go ahead and try to dispute that impeccable logic.)

If pizza is amazing (and it is), and homemade food is amazing (and it is) what if the two came together?  Could there be any greater joy?  I say unto you, nay.

Last night, we put that joy to the test.  We had some friends over and made homemade pizzas.  It was truly awesome.

We learned a few important things, the two main ones being that homemade pizza is awesome, and that I'm a terrible photographer.

Look at the joy that homemade pizza brings to David.  This picture is undeniable proof that homemade pizza is awesome.
Here is David presenting his completed pizza.  His face isn't that blurry in real life, that was courtesy of the photographer.

Here is Robyn rolling the dough.  But don't worry, the photographer made sure that you can't see what she's rolling.

Here is Wendy, posing with her completed masterpiece.  The photographer made sure that the pizza was behind a roll of paper towels.
So there you have it.  I have proven my case.  Homemade pizza is truly awesome, and I'm a truly terrible photographer.  Your argument is invalid.


  1. It was a great evening! Thanks for being the photographer since my hands were a bit messy! Oh and good news, we still have some dough left over. How do you feel about calzones.

  2. I love homemade pizza too I just don't always like being the home maker of it. I like the home eating of it.


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