Monday, January 27, 2014

Frozen is Real

Have you seen the movie Frozen?  It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

The adult in me (he's in there somewhere) loves that the movie mocks the idea of love at first sight.  I love that it shows that there is more than one kind of love.  I love that it shows that it's the sacrifice that you perform that has the power to alter your heart.

The kid in me (he's much more dominant) loves every second that Olaf is on the screen.  I love that he has no skull, or bones.  I love that he naively dreams of summer.  I love that the best part of the movie is actually in the credits, when it admits that not all men eat their own boogers.  It's fabulous.

But do you know the best part of the movie?  The best part is that it's real.

You probably thought it wasn't real, just because the adaptation of the true story that you saw was animated.  Kind of like how you think that Star Wars isn't real just because you've seen the actors that depicted the true story in other films.  (Duh, it happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away.  Clearly George Lucas just uncovered the ancient historical documents and adapted them to the screen.  It's not like the same guy could have written Star Wars after writing THX1138.  Seriously.)

Sorry,  I got sidetracked there.  The point is that Frozen is amazing, and if you have kids that haven't seen it yet that's pretty much child abuse.

Also, it's a true story.  But, if you don't believe me I will now present undeniable evidence.  But give me a second to explain how we came upon this evidence.

Last week, Robyn and I did a little hike in Provo Canyon.  I love to see Bridal Veil Falls in the winter.  They always close the park in the winter, but that just makes it more exciting, since the paved path is covered with several inches of ice.

It's a beautiful waterfall, but I personally think it's more beautiful when it is covered in ice.

This was our first view of the falls as we approached.
Here is the waterfall from directly below.

The best part about winter might just be how cute Robyn looks all bundled up.
Okay, so I showed you some pictures of a hike I took.  But where's the evidence I promised?  Well, there's one more thing I saw on this hike that is proof that Frozen is real.

That's right, we saw Elsa.  Surrounded by ice.
Checkmate.  Just try and explain how Elsa was there, and so was lots of ice!  You can't can you?  I know it's not really that great of a picture.  I was kind of star struck, so I was doing the paparazzi thing.  I had to sneak the picture and get out of there.  Remember, this is a chick that froze her own sister's heart.  (Admittedly, on accident, but I didn't want to mess with her.)

After this experience, the only logical conclusion is that we have winter every year because Elsa deems it so.  If that wasn't the case, how else could you explain that it was cold where Elsa was, but not on the beach in Hawaii?  I bet you've never thought about that one.

Finally, the nail in the coffin:  When I backed up the Elsa photo to Google, Google added falling snow.
Coincidence?  Not likely.


  1. I love Frozen, too. So much so that I'm throwing a bday bash around it (families). Haven't liked a cartoon movie this much in awhile. :)

  2. Although I agree with you on all points, Frozen is real, Star Wars is real, George the writer of THX did not actually write Starwars, all of it. The logic seems a little flawed here and there. My 1st main concern is that Elsa has the wrong color of hair. I think you may have found an Elsa look alike that happened to be near ice but where's the white silvery hair?!

    You may contend that this is Elsa wearing a wig, but why would she do that?! Her hair is so freakin awesome why would she ever hid it?


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