Friday, March 4, 2011

I Will Eat Them in a House or With a Mouse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world created by Dr. Seuss? His books are filled with fancy architecture and super cool creatures. This week I got a glimpse into that world.

You see, a few days ago was Dr Seuss' birthday. Of course, I was quite ignorant of that fact. But Robyn, in her infinite wisdom, was not. When I came home from work that day I saw Robyn scooping something green onto a plate next to ham. At first I was a little confused but then I realized I was being treated to green eggs and ham.
I've only had green eggs and ham once in my life prior to this experience.  As a small child I was going camping with my dad.  He said I could choose whatever I wanted for breakfast and he would bring what he needed to make it in the morning.  Being a sly little child I wanted to stump my dad by presenting an imaginary dish.  I told him I wanted green eggs and ham.  To my surprise he cooked me some green eggs and ham over a campfire the next morning.

Both of my green eggs and ham experiences transported me into a world of wonder.  Even though this time I was aware of such things as food coloring, it still filled my heart with gladness and took away all my sadness.  (Eased my troubles, that's what it did.)

Now that I know the world of Dr. Seuss is real, I'm hoping that Robyn will step up her game.  I'm hoping to come home to find a new friend she found in the dark in the park.

We will take him home.  We will call him Clark.


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you? Hahaha, I instantly starting singing along at that part, but shamefully had to google that lyric to figure out what song it came from. So sad that I can know every word to a song and yet have no idea the title or artist.

    Dr. Seuss dinner sounds awesome!

  2. Some times at different places I go I too feel like I live in a Dr. Seuss world. Because of the line "All the who's down in Whoville" I look around and go who is that and who is she and who do they belong to. So I guess sometimes I even get a glimpse. I do love green eggs and ham. I do love them Sam I am.

  3. I'm glad you liked them ! I must say that if you bring home Clark, you are responsible for changing the water and feeding him. Remember that is the marriage agreement, I don't do pets!

  4. My mom and sister are both elementary school teachers, so I am reminded constantly of books I loved when I was a kid. My anniversary with my boyfriend is the same day as his birthday :) I have never had green eggs and ham. I will definitely be doing this next year!

  5. Oh the places you'll go! I'm excited for the Dr. Seuss world. I'm also excited for Robyn to give wife training to whoever I marry so that I can one day experience green eggs and ham.

  6. I was telling someone I've never had green eggs and ham just the other day...while eating green gold fish. deanna I am.

  7. (Clark) will live at our house. He will grow and grow. Will our mother like this? We don't know!

  8. I love when your posts make me laugh out loud, which this one did: "...filled my heart with gladness and took away all my sadness. (Eased my troubles, that's what it did.)" HAHAHA.

    Glad you got green eggs and ham! I knew it was Dr. Seuss day a while ago but I didn't do anything about year!

  9. The world of doctor Suess is actually coming to the Hale Center Theater in May through July, you'll have to go see it.


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