Monday, October 19, 2009

This Will Blow Your Mind

As your official self-appointed finder of cool stuff on the internet, I have found you this image that will blow your mind. Here's how it works: When it turns into the funky color scheme there is a dot near the center of the picture. Stare at that dot while it counts down. When it is done counting down it will switch back to the black and white castle. Commence mind blowing.

So here's the picture. Just stare at the dot.

If you care about the science behind it, it's because the photoreceptors in your retina that percieve certain colors become fatigued. So the colors you see on the castle are the opposites of the colors that your photoreceptors are too tired to see.

If you don't care about the science, just appreciate the mind blowing.


  1. So, I thought that this was going to be one of those Halloween jokes where a scary face jumps out at you at the end. I am happy that it wasn't. It was actually really cool, instead!

  2. I am also happy that is wasn't a scary face. I do have to say that my mind was blown! Thanks for being my finder of cool things.

  3. to quote Bill Nye:
    Science rules!

  4. I've always loved that kind of stuff! Have you seen the one of Jesus's face or the American flag?? So awesome.

    P.S. I have to admit, I had to look away the second time to make sure it was truly black and white in the end!

  5. I thought I was all smart and thinking "duh they programmed it to be color and then black and white. i'm not gullible!"... then i realized without staring, no colors. cool.

  6. WOW!! you have done it again- blown my mind!! :)

  7. It took multiple times for it to work on me. Maybe I just can't concentrate enough--but it finally did and I was excited.

  8. Mind boggling! Thanks for being the finder of cool stuff on the internet for us.


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