Monday, October 12, 2009

Twelfth Moniversary

AKA First Anniversary
Well, it's been another month. It's time to write another edition in the Moniversary series. I believe this will be the concluding chapter in the moniversary series, because it was originally written to share funny anecdotes about being newlyweds, and now we're oldy moldy weds. But don't worry. This post is also the first in an exciting new series, the Anniversary series! Nevertheless, I do reserve the right to add to the moniversaries if I feel like it, cause it's my blog. :)

So the biggest event this month was our super sweet Anniversary trip. But Robyn has already written about that here. (I planned it, so she had to blog it, that was our agreement.) Here are some of the other interesting things that happened this month.

Robyn Speaks in Tongues
There was one night that we had been out pretty late and we had to do some grocery shopping before Sunday. On the way to the store Robyn screamed, "Naw Oshima, Oshima Bad" Since I have the interpretation of tongues I know that she was trying to express that she should be in her bed. Later, in the store, she saw they were having a case lot sale and started yelling, "Bach!" Again, the interpretation is she was saying we could buy boxes of stuff.

Robyn Takes over the Internet
A few months back, Robyn's computer passed away. We've been saving up for a new one, but meanwhile she had to use mine. This was very rough. She was taking over the whole internet and claiming it as her own. She would be logged in to every website, I accidentally commented as her on multiple blogs. We finally bought her another computer. Now we each have our own internet, for marital harmony.

Sleeping in Separate Beds
We got to our hotel room in St George, and they had 2 queen beds. We're used to sleeping in a king bed at home so we decided that after snuggling at night we would retire to separate beds. It was actually quite excellent, no one punched me in the face the entire night. But don't worry, Robyn made sure to hit me pretty good in her sleep the first night after our return.

It's been an excellent month and an even more excellent year! Happy Anniversary my love!


  1. I'm really sorry about that hitting thing. I guess I just got too use to having so much space. Well, it has been a great year and I want to thank you for recording it all, so we can look back and remember all the weird things I did. I love you too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! How does it feel to be an oldywed? I'll miss the monthly moniversary posts. I'm glad you reserved the right to write them when you want though. Hopefully that means you will!

  3. After years of her complaining about ME attacking HER during the night, I am convinced from your blog that it was HER fault the whole time! :)

  4. Oh shoot, March 15th is coming up fast. I don't think I'm going to make it. I have never been the pull-from-behind victory sort of guy.

    Oh, and happy anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! You guys are amazing and I love you both!!


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