Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Mysterious Picture

I need your help.  This is very important.

A while back, I got in a debate with my mom.  She said something about the time we visited Four Corners.  (the point where the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet.)  I was offended, because I have no memory of visiting Four Corners, and it is an important item on my bucket list.

That is when my mom presented the following picture as supporting evidence.

Some may think this is fairly solid evidence.  However, I have googled the Four Corners monument, and I don't think that's where we are.

This precious child is now in his 50s.  He is demonstrating what the monument looked like in the 1960s.
 However, it's hard to tell, because they have remodeled the monument a few times.  So it's possible that we were there at a time when it looked different.

That's where you come in.  I need some real detective work from the people.  I feel that it's important to know where that picture was taken.  Does anyone recognize the location where my siblings and I are unable to open our eyes?

Don't worry.  If you really think it is the Four Corners, you can say so.  I can always claim it's photoshopped so  I can still win the debate with my mom.


  1. My conclusion is: NOT four corners. My evidence: 1. I went to four corners when I was about that age that you are in the picture and it looked similar to the other picture you presented. 2. There appears to be an arrow pointing north that goes through your sister, but if you were at four corners the north arrow would be on one of the lines. 3. In your picture there is a wall of rocks next to your feet. The real four corners is very open so that it can accommodate many people at once, they would not want to have it so enclosed so that only a few people could chill there at once.

    PS As a side note I would like to say that going to four corners was the worst tourist trap I have ever been to and you might consider taking it off your bucket list.

  2. I've actually heard that newer/better gps has determined that the 4 corners monument is NOT actually located in the correct place... don't know if there is really any truth to that, but maybe what your mom took you to was the REAL 4 Corners ;) It may be something to research if you really are going to go sometime...

  3. Jared's got a lot of terrific evidence. In addition, I just scoured through a Google Image search for "4 corners monument" and didn't find a single image that looked like yours. The closest I found was was this one, but as you can see there is no compass nor four corners markings on the ground. I do see a million images of Four Corners Monument that look like the one you have, and apparently it was just a square slab and then expanded to a whole complex recently. Evidence here (from 1987 and this guy's blog mentioned closed for construction in June 2010) and here (and also I just read Wikipedia).

  4. As for your family's image, I have no clue where that is. I tried doing a Google search for images similar to that one, a marvelous and wonderful feature from Google, but a bad idea in this instance. Apparently the colors in your photo are similar to that of most frat parties or something. Safe search wasn't very helpful in this case.

  5. I think you guys are right. It's not the four corners monument. The important thing is that I am correct in the debate with my mom.

    I wish we could figure out where it was. I have no memory of it at all.

    Mike, I'm sorry you had a traumatic experience with google.

    Nat, I've actually read that. There's a debate among enthusiasts because even though the monument is at the wrong place, some claim that the monument has been legally recognized as the correct location and so that makes it correct. Either way, I think the real four corners would still have the north line along a state line like Jared said.

  6. My conclusion: NOT the four corners, because I am the one that took that picture and I've never been to the four corners...

    This was off the side of the road coming back from CA (I think). We pulled over just to get some air and we found this...

  7. Jen, I'm glad you solved the mystery. I was 90% confident it wasn't four corners but I had no idea what it was.

  8. I think we can figure out where it is if we just think of the place that has north pointing to the left instead of up... Apparently, that's somewhere in california. I knew they were leftists.

  9. We went to the four corners last summer. Definately a tourist trap. It's on the Reservation and they charge a lot but (not to get too political) I didn't feel bad paying it because if you think of all the crappy things that have been done to native americans and when you see how desolate that reservation is it kind of feels like the least I can do...
    Plus it is fun to have your picture taken there. And there's an awesome guy selling jewelry he's made and he'll talk your ear off and show you pictures from all of the westerns he's been in...think...John Wayne.....think ...Clint Eastwood....oh and Young Guns too.

  10. So I think you should keep it on your Bucket list.

  11. It never looked like that when I was there.
    I think you're by the world's largest rock clock.


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