Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad Guys Eat Garbage

Since the inception of my blog, there have been two different types of posts that people have given me lots of good feedback on.  People seem to love to read about the strange things that my wife does while she's sleeping. They also seemed to really enjoy hearing about the strange and wonderful things that our little sunbeams did.  Of course, we were released from working with the precious little children a while back.

Since then we've moved to a new house and a new ward.  As of today, we've been given a new calling.  Once again we will be given the opportunity to teach the little ones.  The good news for you is that we will once again be supplied with interesting things to share.

Today's story is not actually from the sunbeams.  We were in sharing time with all of the primary children.  We were learning about the story from The Book of Mormon when Nephi's bow breaks.  One of the children had some very important insight that he felt was relevant to the story.  He suddenly exclaimed with great excitement, "Did you know that bad guys eat garbage?"  I was glad he shared such important information because that is a subject that The Book of Mormon is silent on.

I googled "eat garbage" and this was one of the images that came up.  I included it due to its awesomeness.


  1. That guy needs human hears or a pig nose, none of this wishy washy in between stuff!

  2. so, I want to know why bad guys eat garbage, or what the kid was thinking... I need the end of the story!!!

    This dude is awesome though.

  3. I don't really know why he was telling us that, but here's my theory. She had given him a bow. (There were several other props given to other children to illustrate the story.) She told him to pretend like he was hunting wild beasts. I don't know exactly what was in his mind, but from his actions I'm pretty sure he was not hunting wild beasts but was in a pretty lively battle.

    I can only assume the bad guys he was fighting were eating garbage. Naturally, he shared what he saw with us.

  4. I am glad that we learned this important fact. Because now we know that your old neighbor who put his garbage in your can was not bad, cause if he was he would have eaten the garbage instead of stealing your garbage can to dispose of it. Thanks for the FYI.

  5. Hahahahaha. I'm so glad you're both back in Primary. That makes me so happy.

  6. I am so glad to know this. I think it has changed me forever.


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