Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Pies Have Returned

Well, March 14th came just like it does every year.  And just like every year we got together to celebrate the fabulous number pi (3.14) by eating pie.  (If you don't understand the correlation, March 14th can be written 3/14 which is similar to 3.14)

Pi day is a fabulous day every year.  It's the day that all the normal people can appreciate the geeky ones among us who get excited about numbers.  They don't notice the geekitude because they're too busy eating pie.

This year wasn't as big as some of our past celebrations but it was a success nonetheless.

We had a goodly number of pies.

We also had a good crew of people ready to eat pie.

We had judges who were selected because they had been on the BYU dance team. (Look, we've had a lot of pie nights over the years, getting new judges each time is difficult.  Sometimes you have to make up some qualifications.  Clearly dancers know if pie tastes good right?)

I feel we gave out good prizes this year for the best pies.  First prize went to my BFF Jared W's mom.  She has been a faithful attender at our pie events for years.  She's been in the top 3 many times but this was her first time to take the crown.  She leaped for joy and hugged me with such energy I was almost knocked over. You can't see it but I am presenting her a 10 dollar gift certificate to Kneaders. (So she can buy more pie)

Second prize went to Kathryn, she got this fancy calculator/ruler combo.  Now she can calculate pi to her heart's content.

Third prize went to Carla, but her reward was possibly better than the other two.  She was presented with an autographed picture of me and Robyn.  (That will be worth some serious cash someday.)

It was a great event.  I look forward to many great pi days in the future.  It was also pointed out to me that tau (2 pi) is a great constant as well.  I don't know why we've never celebrated it before but we may have to celebrate Tau day on June 28th.  Tau has twice as much pie!  Stay tuned for that goodness.


  1. It was a great celebration! We should do it every year. Oh wait, we do! Thanks again for being super geeky.

  2. It was so great! I still can't believe it was my first pi(e) night at your house. Hopefully it won't be my last!

    P.S. How did I not see those other posts before this until now?! Don't worry. I'll read and comment tomorrow, I promise.

  3. Another great Pi night. My mom was so excited she hasn't stopped talking about it. I do love great parties at your place. I'm gonna miss it.

  4. My first pie/pi party! Thank you...that's all I can say.

  5. Glad it went so well!! And congrats to Jared W's mama. :)

  6. yay!

    speaking of which, have you seen this video? made me smile : )

  7. April,

    I like that video a lot. My favorite part is the end when she say's she's "Pie Winning."

  8. I'm a little disappointed that there was no shout out to your photographer....

  9. Justin(Strider228) I'm pretty sure you got a shoutout on facebook when I posted the pictures. Sorry you didn't get one here.

    What! What! Shout out to our awesome photographer Justin! Woot!

    How is that?

  10. Sorry I couldn't make was so happy to see that Mary won!! She deserves it!


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