Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dreaming of Tower Defense

So I had another strange dream.  I'm putting this one out there for interpretation as well.  Feel free to discover all my disorders and psychosis.

Warning, the following dream contains zombies.  Some people, like my wife, are offended by zombies.  Please do not read any further if this is the case.

(The screen goes wavy and when it comes back it is in black and white.  The dream sequence has begun.)
So I was in my house, and I suddenly became aware that we were under attack by zombies.  (You'd be surprised how often zombies appear in my dreams.  I'd be interested to know what that means.)  So I constructed a large gun turret on the top of my house.  Next, I built a maze leading to my house so that the zombies would have to wind through it to get to me.  My gun turret dominated all the zombies while they were winding through the maze.

After the wave of zombies was complete, there was a wave of terminators.  My gun turret continued to dominate the terminators.

(End dream sequence)  I woke up to find that my real life was actually not a tower defense game.  It turns out reality just doesn't make as good of a game.
But, I believe there are a few possible interpretations of this dream.

1. I'm being warned that I need to prepare for either A) The zombie apocalypse or B) The rise of the machines.  Luckily, putting a gun turret on top of my house helps with both scenarios.

2. I play too many tower defense games and read too much science fiction.  That one is clearly not true.

3. Someone is trying to do inception on me to get me to build a gun turret on my house.  This is the most likely scenario.

Whatever the real scenario is, the important thing is that Robyn and I have had the talk.  You know the one I'm talking about.  I know that every couple has the talk at some point.  We discussed what to do if one of us turns into a zombie.  Too many families don't have the talk, and the following chart is a result of being unprepared.
So be sure to be prepared.  Unless you think my dream means something else.  What is your opinion?


  1. My interpretation is that whatever you think about most often is what you're probably going to dream about most often. interpret what that means. :)

    I'll tell you this to prove my point...I took a nap today and dreamed that I was on a date with an AWESOME guy, and he bought me presents because it happened to be my birthday. So...I think that proves it!

  2. So after much research I have found a few answers for you. The Zombie symbols: Being emotionally dead. Doing things with out feeling because you have no feelings. Killing resembles getting rid or over coming something. So that being said your dream simply means that you are trying to kill off your lack of emotion in order so that you can feel more. That is what the research states. What I do know is if you are just preparing for things to take over the world I want to be invited to your house.

  3. You MUST read the book, World War Z! It's all about zombies, and you learn a lot about what you should do in a zombie attack. But then again you seemed to really have it figured out in the dream. The maze was genius! It is, however, a proven fact that a machete is a better choice when facing Zombies because they only die when you kill their brain. Beheading is much easier a perfect shot to the brain. Just putting that out their for future reference:)

  4. I have totally already read World War Z. I really enjoyed it. It had some good zombie action as well as some interesting ways of delving into how different cultures dealt with the outbreak.

    I just ordered another zombie book from Amazon called The Forest of Hands and Teeth. We'll see if it's any good.

  5. Well, I am on the "you play too many tower defense games and read too many zombie books" team. What does my dream about remodeling the house mean?

  6. I'm glad you had the talk... We already know that if zombies take over the earth, I'm ready to be lunch first. I understand my zombie destiny.

  7. Clearly you need a zombie gun turret on top of your house. I have been trying to convince you of this for some time. It is the only rational course of action. I will help build the maze that gets to your house so that we are not on the 'taste delicious' team when that day comes.

  8. I'm with Jared. Clearly the only rational response is to build a turret. Even if #3 were true, what harm could come of it? I only see benefits.

  9. Ok- let's get Freudian. You are in your nice, safe comfortable home and all is well. However, your fears are coming at you. You have built many defenses to take out the fears but in reality the best thing to do is just face them head on. So basically, you just need to get out there and smash some zombie heads.

  10. hahaha
    Mom - I think you are RIGHT ON!

    Jeff, get out there and smash some zombie heads!


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