Saturday, September 18, 2010

Turns Out I'm Not Fancy

This year Robyn was selected as Teacher of the Year at her school. It makes perfect sense because she is more awesome then awesome. On a scale of 1 to awesome, she would be like awesome times 12.

So as a reward for her awesomeness she got a 50 dollar gift card to La Caille. For those of you who don't know what La Caille is, it is a super fancy french restaurant up the canyon near Sandy. I knew it was super fancy, so the fanciness of the restaurant didn't surprise me. The surprising thing that was revealed to me is that I am absolutely not fancy. (I don't know why that was surprising. I've never been fancy before.)

So first of all, we get there and there isn't a parking lot. You just pull up to the door and let the valet take your car. Then you walk in and sit down and they have a different menu for every course. We ordered our appetizers and I got a delicious portabello mushroom with various vegetables on top.
This was the first clue that I wasn't fancy.  I like food to be delicious.  In my mind, there's no reason to decorate food.  So I couldn't figure out why there was a tree growing out of it.  I ate around it for a while, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.  Eventually I just pulled it out, but I tried to hide it due to my shame that I didn't know what it was for.

The next clue that I wasn't fancy came when they brought us the menu for the main course.  Everything was ridiculously expensive.  I was commenting to Robyn about the prices, and how they were all written out in words.  She didn't see it anywhere so I showed her on my menu.  Apparently they have boy menus and girl menus, I'm not supposed to show her the prices.  Hmmm... guess I'm not fancy.

Of course, my favorite item on the menu was the lobster.  It didn't even list a price.  But financing is available if that makes you feel better.
Robyn got a delicious roast duck and I got a fabulous steak.  As we enjoyed our meal, another evidence of my lack of fanciness came about.  The couple at the table next to us was admiring a painting.  They talked to the waitress about it and she said they could buy it if they wanted.   They then sat and discussed for the next 20 or 30 minutes which home it would look best in.  I think they discussed more home possibilities then we could have even discussed for room possibilities in our house.

When dessert came, I ordered a delicious crepe.  It was quite delicious but I longed for the more delicious and less fancy crepe stands in Paris.  They also brought us these chocolate covered strawberries.  When I saw that the strawberries were dressed more fancy than me:  well, it was just another confirmation of the non fancy facts.

After dinner, we walked around the grounds.  It was very beautiful, we took this picture looking back at the restaurant.
As we walked back to the front of the restaurant to get our car from the valet, I naturally pulled out my phone so I could google how much to tip the valet.  We sat there waiting for the car to return.  We looked around at other cars, there were Lexus, Mercedes and all manner of fanciness.  The valet returned with our extremely fancy Hyundai.  I handed him his tip (a roll of ones that Robyn rolled up to look more fancy) and we drove off into the non fancy regular world.  We really enjoyed our walk through the fancy world that the other half lives in.

Perhaps one day we'll make lots of money and become fancy.  Maybe that day we'll go back and sit at a meal and discuss our different homes.  Maybe some regular couple will marvel at our fanciness.  But that is not this day.


  1. Thanks for going with me to the world of fancy for a night. I had a wonderful time and wonderful food. I know it weighed a bit more on our pocket book then normal, but it is an experience I will never forget!

  2. hahaha. funny and yet so uncomfortable. i am not fancy either.

  3. I love pretending to be fancy!

    I've been to La Caille because my mom was able to score free meals for our family, and it's amazing. The garden is sooo gorgeous and lovely. When I was there, I felt so not fancy because I kept taking pictures of everything!

    It looks to me like the tree growing out of your mushroom is rosemary. It would've been a little weird for you to just eat it plain, but it was most likely there for you to eat a little bit with your meal. I don't blame you for hiding it though...I'm not the biggest fan of rosemary! (But I never would've ordered a portobello mushroom either. Haha.)

    Great job on teacher of the year, Robyn!!

  4. I want you to know that I just googled how much to tip a valet, too. The things we normal people don't know...

  5. So...where will all those fancy people be after the zombie apocalypse or the rise of the machines? Dead. You and I are properly preparing ourselves, and that is way more important than being fancy.

  6. I'm really excited that I could secure financing for my lobster purchase--of course, if you have to secure financing for it, are you really fancy?

  7. Way to go, Robyn! What a fun night!

  8. I for one have always had deep feelings that I am actually a fancy person at heart.

  9. ha ha. Gourmet food sometimes looks good but tastes like garbage.

  10. Everyone should go fancy at least once in a decade! Glad you had a good time!


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