Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sixteenth Moniversary

Yes, yes, I know I said I wouldn't do any more moniversary posts.  But, as of tomorrow we will have been married 16 months!  That's 1.3333333333 years!  It had to be commemorated with another post.  Plus, there have been some fun things this month.  Yes, we visited Disneyland, and experienced a Costco Miracle; but here are some other events.

If you cough you can't go to Disneyland
When we were in our hotel in Anaheim, we were eating the hotel's continental breakfast and at the table next to us there was a mom with her three young daughters.  There was a little girl maybe 5 or 6 years old who had a bit of a cough.  There was clearly gunk in her lungs because I could hear it.  The mom, however, felt that coughing was not becoming of a girl her age.  She told her that girls who cough can't go to Disneyland.  I felt so bad for this little girl, she was sitting at the table with her head down almost convulsing as she's trying to suppress her coughs.  It made me very cranky; but I did get enjoyment out of making fun of the mom the rest of the day by telling Zack and Delta that if they cough they can't go to Disneyland.

Robyn's powers over the lost and found return
We had a most disturbing disappearance.  My keys had been sitting on the coffee table but somehow they magically vanished.  Robyn and I have two different approaches.  I take the Sherlock Holmes approach.  I'm trying to reconstruct how it happened, and when I figure out all the clues then it is revealed where the item is.  Robyn takes the woman of faith approach.  Her strategy is probably more wise.  She just prays and has it revealed where it is.  Anyway, I had reconstructed what must have happened.  I figured the keys must have fallen off the table and landed on the baby's blanket.  I figured my brother-in-law and his wife must have picked up the blanket and taken the keys with them.  They checked their baby bag and couldn't find it.  I was probably more frustrated by the fact that I couldn't solve the puzzle than the fact that my keys were gone.  Then after Robyn exercised her faith (as well as her mom) they looked in the baby bag again and this time it was easily seen. 

Graham is Folded in two by the children
This story isn't that funny but I was amused by the picture.  Graham(my sister-in-law's boyfriend) was playing with Addie and Ian(my niece and nephew).  He was pretending to be asleep and they were abusing him in all sorts of ways.  They would roll him off the couch, jump on him for a while and then try to put him back  In an attempt to put him back on the couch they put his arms and legs(the only things they could lift) back on the couch, leaving him looking somewhat like a sandwich, though much less delicious.

Robyn shoots me in her sleep
At least I think that's what was happening.  I woke up in the middle of the night to hear her say, "Katoo, katoo" in a high pitched voice.  I can only assume it was some sort of gun sound.  It was pretty good considering her lack of a Y chromosome.  Of course, after the time she shouted "You loser!" or the time she told me to "backup, backup" this was a pleasant surprise.  Sounds are kind of nicer than words.  Maybe that's why we don't say things.


  1. I think the story about Graham was pretty funny, though I happened to be there at the time and could remember how funny it was. Oh and I am sorry I "shot" at you. I still love you.

  2., i guess. Congrats.

  3. Thanks for another moniversary post! They make me happy. :) Happy 16 months!!

  4. I can't believe that mother would threaten her daughter like that with not going to Disneyland over coughing. We're taking my daughter and son in 3 weeks and I can't imagine saying something like that to them. They are so looking forward to the trip, and if we told them something like that, they would become panicked messes worrying to death that they would make that single, fatal misstep.

    I mean, it's like telling your child that if you step on a crack there will be no Christmas...and they won't go to Heaven. That can't be good for the soul to have to worry about something so trivial and think it has such dire consequences. I mean couldn't the mother just ask that she cover her mouth with every cough, or excuse herself to the bathroom or something?!

  5. Sometimes Graham coughs in his sleep and then I fold him up and don't let him go to Disneyland unless he finds something that was lost...

  6. Mom's who don't allow their children to cough should not be allowed in Disneyland. I am glad Robyn is such a woman of faith and that you can find your keys.


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