Monday, February 15, 2010

Truly Awesome: Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches

Here I am, on President's Day
Searching the kitchen, I'm filled with dismay
The PB is here, that is quite true
I'll also need bread and that is here too

I have here my knife, for spreading on bread
But with nothing to spread, I'll starve and be dead
You see, there's a problem, a problem right here
I can't find the honey, a tragedy clear

Miracle, miracle, honey did appear
My heart fills with joy, my fears disappear
I begin to construct this wonderful snack
the taste warms my body, my stomach, my back

the stickiness oozes, 'tween slices of bread
joy dances like fairies, all through my head
this coupled with milk, in a large and clear glass
helps me scarf down my sandwich and scarf it down fast

satisfaction flows o'er me, and satiates my tummy
grand was the experience, the taste also yummy
I now can move on to the rest of my life
The joys of my home and my wonderful wife

Photo by Robyn Stockett

Okay, so this was my first poem that I ever wrote in... ever. I guess there was the time in high school that I wrote some gibberish that made no sense but it rhymed. My english teacher was really excited. I think he thought it had some deeper meaning. So anyway, to those of you who actually know anything about poetry: I'm sorry if I broke some rule about rhyming or meter or honey. I just wanted to share my love of peanut butter and honey and I hope that my medium of choice was as fun to read as it was to write.


  1. Thank you Dr. Seuss! I am glad you liked your snack and now you can pay attention to me!

  2. Wow!! impressive! I felt like I was reading a doctor suess book and it totally made me want a peanut butter and honey sandwich!! good writing cousin!!

  3. I would say that is true poetry. It made sense and you don't have to look to the deep meaning. It was also side splitting. Thanks for the Laughter.

  4. Grateful am I that you created these rhymes,
    They made me want to write a few lines.
    You inspired me to have one soon for a meal,
    Because peanut butter and honey is delicious...for real!

  5. That was a great poem! It brought back the memories of you making that sandwich at home. I always enjoyed that you held the honey a good distance above the bread and made sound effects too. Next time you should post a video of the construction. :)

  6. Jeff- that blew my mind. I was so impressed with your sweet rhyming skills. I think you have a future as a poet. Too many people write poems about things like love when we really just need more poems about...well...honey.

  7. I'm pretty sure you broke a few honey rules in that poem....

  8. Did I ever tell you about the best BP&H recipe? Now days it is kind of hard to follow the exact instructions. It comes from an old farmer. You assemble as normal. Then put the sandwich in a plastic bag. Put the bag on the floor of your old truck over the transmission. Place your water jug on top of the sandwich. Now drive across the fields, letting the sandwich get warm to melt the PB & H together and bounce the jug up and down. Let it cool till lunch. Best BP & H ever.

  9. You're a poet
    and you didn't even know it.
    You're amazing!


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