Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Padre!

You guys.  My dad turned 60 today.  Sixty!  He's older than iPhones.  He remembers when you could go to the gate at the airport to greet your friends when their plane landed.  He remembers when there wasn't an internet!

Oh wait.  All of those things are true of me.  Blast!  I guess I'm pretty old.  But my dad remembers when there wasn't a me.  Now that's old.  I'm pretty sure he cried when the dinosaurs died.  I would have.

I was going to post a throwback Thursday pic on Facebook to commemorate this day.  But when I started looking through my pictures of me and my dad, it turned out I couldn't just pick one.  So I figured this was a better venue.

Here are a few pictures and memories of my dad with me and my family.

My dad had a beard once.  True story.  Even more surprising is that there was a time when I was cuter than I am now.
Look at all that loot.  I bet you never had matching pajamas with your dad.
I spent most of my childhood trying to look unhappy about stuff. Little known fact:  I think giant shark jaws are super cool.  Thanks for taking me to Sea World mom and dad!  Sorry I looked like I hated it.
Sometimes I even looked like I was having fun.
At least in Yellowstone, Zack is the one that looks like he hates it.

People put cups on their face.  It's a thing.

We've had many adventures at Bear Lake
Weren't the Padre and I the cutest hikers in Hawaii?

Mom and dad even flew to South Dakota to see me.
Thanks for all the memories Padre!  Happy sixtieth birthday!  I look forward to at least 60 more years of memories.

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  1. Yup!! You and your dad look pretty cute together! Love you both so much!!!@


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