Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flying Home to too much Snow

On our last day in Clovis, we kind of had a lazy morning since our flight wasn't until around noon.

When it finally came time to head out, we drove to the airport and everything went smoothly from there.

When we landed, we drove directly to the Bureu of Criminal Investigations to get our background checks done for our adoption home study.  Robyn was super stressed that we wouldn't make it, but we were there with like an hour to spare before they closed.

We talked about going out to eat but I wanted to get home as soon as possible to shovel a week's worth of snow.  I wasn't excited about doing it, but I wanted to get as much as possible done before it got too dark and cold.

What our driveway looked like.
 I was still sick, so Robyn was kind enough to help out which made me very happy.
Action shot of Robyn

Triumpant shot of Robyn
I ordered pizza before shoveling in hopes that it would arrive just as we finished.  It took forever to get there.  But at least when it got there we had a snow free driveway and I could relax and eat it.

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