Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Princess and a Time Lord

I love Halloween.  I've always loved everything about it.  I love costumes.  I love candy.  I love scary movies.  I can't think of anything I don't like about Halloween.

Robyn, however, feels slightly different about Halloween.  For every ounce of love that I have for this holiday, Robyn has an equal amount of hatred for it.  However, this year we discovered the antidote to Robyn's hatred of Halloween.

All Robyn needed was the chance to dress like a princess.
Pretty pretty princess
She told me she wanted to buy a Sleeping Beauty costime, and she seemed like she was excited about it.  I had no idea how much she would enjoy it until she tried it on.  She was sooo happy!
Even without the dress, the shoes brought her great joy.

She wore her costume for the kids at school, and from what she tells me it was a big hit.  One girl came up to her and said, "Hello, Aurora!"  Robyn was totally a real princess.

That evening we stayed home to pass out candy to the children of the world.  I didn't really have a costume, but I wore my Doctor Who T-shirt.

Time lords totally take bathroom selfies.
I was surprised how many kids got really excited about my shirt.  It was almost like I was wearing a real costume.  I probably got more comments about my shirt than I get when I actually dress up.  One girl that was about 13 told me she was in love.  I just gave her candy and kept to myself how awkward that sounded.

My favorite Trick-or-Treater was a little girl who was in our Sunbeam class a few years ago.  She's 5 or 6 now.  She was dressed as a Victorian era vampire.  She had fangs with blood dripping down her chin, and she was wearing a fancy Victorian dress.  I told her she was a very scary vampire.  That pleased her greatly.  Then she told me about my neighbors who were less pleasing,  "They said I am a pretty princess.  I am NOT a princess!"

I'm glad we live in a world where my wife can be happy being a princess, and others can be just as happy as undead blood suckers.  I'd say that Halloween was a true success.

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