Monday, August 18, 2014

Silver Lake

Remember back in April, when I took Robyn on an adventure where she had to hike in several feet of snow?

Our original destination at that time was Silver Lake.  We didn't make it because the road was closed and the snow was much too treacherous anyway.  On that occasion we hiked to the trail head for the Silver Lake hike, but we had a picnic in the parking lot, on the top of a picnic table that was barely peeking above the snow.

On Saturday, we decided to do the Silver Lake hike, and actually get there.

I'm not gonna lie.  I felt safer on the dirt road when we were hiking through a foot of snow.  The number of stupid drivers that came zipping around blind corners, trying to push our car off the edge of a cliff was just a little too high for me.

Nonetheless, our trusty Subaru got us to the trail head safely.

The hike is 2 miles up, and climbs about 1700 feet.  There were some pretty steep spots, but we powered through and made it.  I love doing stuff like that, and realizing how impossible it would have been just a year and a half ago.

Here are a few pictures from our little adventure.

Selfies are an important part of hiking.  This is a selfie with the view looking down on where we had hiked.

The same view, without my face blocking it.

Look at that cute little hiker!

It was a really pretty lake.
We had a great experience, although I will say it was more serene when we were the only ones in the wilderness during the winter.  Oh well, I suppose we can share beautiful nature with other people.  We saw a lot of hikers on the trail. But when we got to the lake, there were only like 10 other people there so sharing a lake with 10 people certainly isn't the end of the world.  (Perhaps I should learn to get better at sharing.)

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