Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Truly Awesome: Auto Awesome

Google has a new feature that they announced at IO this year.  It's called Auto Awesome.  Basically, you allow your device to automatically upload all of your pictures privately.  They are then available for you to share publicly on Google+.  But, in addition to your existing pictures, it also gives you some new, automatic fun toys.

My personal favorite is what they call "motion".  If you take a burst of five similar pictures, it will create a new animated image.  It is still created privately, but it is available to download or share, just like everything else.

Since their announcement, I've been playing around with it, trying to create animations.  It works, but what I discovered is that the ones I create on purpose are not nearly as awesome as the ones I create on accident.  I unleashed Google on all of my pictures, to see what it would come up with.  Here are a few of my favorites.  All of these were taken before Auto Awesome was born.

My niece and I making funny faces
The progressive shave of my beard a few years ago
The progressive shave of my goatee last year
Some colorful people making faces
The animations are not the only feature to be included with Auto Awesome.  You can read about all of the features here.  "Smile" is the other feature that I find very intriguing.  I have gotten it to work with a few of my coworkers, but I think it would be most interesting for family pictures.

I hope you enjoy Auto Awesome.  It is truly awesome.

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