Monday, July 15, 2013

How can I Read when there are Whales?

I just got home from the most amazing trip.  It was a road trip.  It was also a cruise.  It was a big city tour.  It was also filled with beautiful nature.  I rode a car, a cruise ship, a small boat and a big ferry.  I travelled through 5 states.  I was in 2 countries.  I saw eagles, whales, seals, sea lions, and jelly fish, and that was all before I went to the Seattle Aquarium.  I saw 2 glaciers.  I saw 3 waterfalls.  I even unplugged from the internet for a few days (a big feat for me).  I spent quality time with my immediate family, as well as Robyn's extended family.  I travelled 3500 miles round trip, and never set foot on an airplane.

I had the adventure of a lifetime.  I wrote in my journal every day, and took about 1000 pictures.  (Robyn and I are hardcore that way).  I'm sifting through all of it to decide what to put on the blog.  I've definitely got a lot to share.  But how will it be shared?  Chronologically?  Thematically?  Randomly?  Your guess is as good as mine.

For now, I just have one little story to share that I feel captures the essence of this trip.

Our cruise left from Seattle to go up to Alaska.  We had 3 days at sea.  During those days Robyn and I loved to find a comfortable seat where we could read a book while looking out at the ocean.  At one point, I looked up from my book just in time to see a whale surface, blowing its huge spout of water high into the air.

It quickly vanished, and I was left scouring all 180 degrees of ocean view in front of me, hoping to see another one.

I was so amazed by the majestic beauty before me.  I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes away from the horizon to read my book.  I asked Robyn, "How can I read when there are whales?"

Eventually, I was able to return to the book.  I did read about 500 pages on this trip.

That little snipped of my experience for me captures the essence of our vacation.  I had lots of relaxation, lots of me time and time with Robyn, interrupted by fantastically beautiful sights and incredible experiences.

So watch this blog.  I will be sharing various experiences over the next little while.  For now, all you get is this little animation of a whale surfacing that Google made from some pictures I took.  (Feel free to click on it for a larger image.)

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