Monday, October 31, 2011

The Making of a Blue Man

Did I mention I love Halloween?  Well, this year my costume idea turned out to be a little more ambitious than in past years.  I just really wanted to be a blue man.
I think i pulled it off pretty well.  But the process turned out to be much more involved than I originally thought.  I started out looking like this:
Not a Blue Man
There are a few problems with the above picture.  Such as:
1. I'm not blue.  I'm rather white.
2. I have hair.

We decided to tackle the second problem first.  The first step was to trim my hair down so it would be easier to shave.
White man with short hair is not equal to blue man
That step wasn't too scary.  I normally cut my hair pretty short.  The next step was new for me.  I needed to shave my head.  So, I had to lather up with shave gel.
Precious? Yes.  Blue Man? No.
Robyn helped out quite a bit.  She was the one who actually ran the razor over every inch of my head.  The result was a completely bald Jeff.
I could have stopped here and gone as Mr. Clean
Finally, with no hair to get in the way I could begin the application of makeup.

This was the beginning of a ridiculously long process
Fast forward about five years later.  While I was applying my makeup, Robyn was putting together her costume.  I think we were officially the cutest couple ever.
Who would have thought that Cindy Lou Who would grow up to fall in love with a Blue Man?
The Aftermath
We went to a party with some friends, where I was able to share my blueness.  When I got home, I hopped in the shower and discovered the makeup was a little more difficult to remove than I thought.  I eventually got the hang of applying soap, makeup remover and plenty of elbow grease.  When I got out of the shower, I had cleaned up my skin for the most part, but it turned out my eyebrows were a little more difficult.

I was hoping it would be a permanent look.
Robyn said my blue eyebrows were unacceptable for bed.  She felt that our entire bed would turn blue if I had blue eyebrows.  I didn't feel that was true. But since I didn't try it, I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the blue bed theory.

Her belief in the blue bed theory was very strong so she got out the makeup removal kit and proceeded to scrub my eyebrows while I played on facebook.  It was a little awkward, but we both got what we wanted.  I wanted to play on facebook and she wanted my eyebrows to cease being blue.  Talk about a win/win.

In the end, it was a lot of work, but the awesomeness was totally worth it.  Now it's time to start planning next year's costume.


  1. Your costume was awesome!!! You always have the best ideas. I was hoping you would show the process of being a Blue Man. Your blue eyebrows made me laugh. I think it's funny that Robyn had to take the rest of the blue off since she was the one concerned about the bedding.

  2. Ya, it was funny. It wasn't like I told her that I refuse to wash my eyebrows further. I just sat down at the computer and she started scrubbing my eyebrows.

  3. Haha! Love the blue eyebrows! Great costumes!

  4. Thank you for letting me scrub your eye brows. I was not about to get blue everywhere (I would like to point out that even after all we scrubbed you still ended up getting blue on your white church shirt. Imagine what would have happened if you kept your eyebrows blue)

  5. It was such a great costume. I'm so happy I got to witness it in person!

  6. now you know to shave your eyebrows next time too!

  7. You were one really blue boy! Such cute costumes for both of you!

  8. You are so blue and crazy. I think it is a little ironic that you looked like mister clean and yet Robyn was the clean freak.


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