Friday, October 7, 2011

What Google Knows

I recently discovered a fascinating feature on Google.  (By recently, I mean about 15 minutes ago.)  I don't know how long this feature has existed, but I choose to believe that I am the first human being to have discovered it.

You see, Google now has a feature where you can drag images into the search bar and it will search for "similar" images.  Naturally, as soon as I discovered it, I had to play around with it to see what it would return.  Again, naturally, I used various images from recent blog posts of mine.  Some of the results impressed me by how good Google is.  Some of them puzzled me, but made me even more impressed when I realized the correlations.  I'll show you what I mean.

Here is Robyn.  She is precious.  She is in front of scenery.
A search for that image returned this image:
This girl is clearly not as precious.  But she is female and she is in front of scenery.
Not bad, right?  Well, let's see what else Google returns.
Jared and Katherine are so cute as they hold each other lovingly in the forest.
According to Google, Jared and Katherine are just like these warriors:
Look how they lovingly hold their guns in the forest.
The next picture is of Robyn.  She is sporting a beach ball belly to demonstrate what she would look like pregnant.  The picture is indisputably awesome.
Indisputably Awesome. (Just reminding you)
According to Google, what else is indisputably awesome?
Who would doubt the awesomeness of this face?  Google knows what is awesome.

For the next picture, remember when I looked just like an Allosaurus?
I still can't tell which one is me and which is an Allosaurus.
Google thinks that picture looks just like this:
It took me a minute to figure out why Google thought they were the same, but I figured it out.   The little girl is cute, just like me.  The guy is old, just like a dinosaur.  Isn't google wise?
I have one more for you.  This one truly showcases how much Google knows about everything.
It's just me, chillaxin with my delicious green juice.
Google thinks that is just like this:
That's right.  Google thinks I'm just like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.  You may think it's because I have no social skills, or that I'm conceited and full of myself.  Those answers are incorrect.  Google clearly returned this picture because it saw me as a genius and wanted to let the world know that I am as smart as Sheldon.

Aren't you impressed with how much Google knows about the world?


  1. I love that you are like Sheldon. I instantly tried to do this image search with google, but my computer can't handle it. Maybe I'll have to come try it out on your computer some time.

  2. You are a genius! You are a slightly mad genius but a genius none the less.

  3. No! Google read your shirt. The rest of the connection is fairly rudimentary.

  4. I hope that this post doesn't blow my cover as a secret undercover member of a military group. Sometimes Kathryn and I carry guns in the wilderness just like those guys. And I agree with Stephen on the shirt. Google knew where to go with the shirt you were wearing.

  5. Mellen, That's weird that your computer won't do it. You can come over and image search any time you like.

    Stephen, That's brilliant! I didn't even notice that connection, but I'm pretty sure you're correct.

  6. I think it's purely because you look so much like sheldon.

  7. btw, I tried putting in an old picture of myself and the very first picture that was returned as a result was Brad Pitt. Typical.

  8. glarcy, Brad Pitt is a good looking guy. Google was just trying to express that you're good looking, not that you look like a guy. :)

  9. HAHAHA. This is amazing. Thanks for teaching me something new!


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